Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NEW & Improved!

I deleted my old blog because I was trying to mess with the background and template and I completely messed it up and could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it. So, since I didn't have that much awesome stuff on there I figured it was better for me to just start over. And this time I am going to step up my blogging!
The main reason I have this blog is to keep a "journal" of my college years. I want to have a place I can look back on.
So, this blog may bore you..& if that's the case you don't have to read it : ) It's mainly for me!

With that being said here's a recap of my weekend!
On Saturday my family and I (minus Adam who had to work) headed to Snellville to my grandparent's house for my cousin's graduation party. It was great to see family that I don't get too see that often

Later that night I went back to Athens and over to a party at my best friend's apartment. I had so much fun!! So many people came that I hadn't seen in years! We went downtown and had a blast!

Last night I went to my cousin, Macie's, baseball game with my parents and grandparents. Macie is 3 and she was adopted from China. Watching her play was hilarious!! After the game we went to Frontera with Macie's parents (my dad's cousins) and her brother, Trevor. I love hanging out with them!

Little miss Macie and her friend were way more interested in socializing than actually playing :p

LOVED the pink helmet (I SO would have had one if they had them back when I was a kid..too bad all they had was black!)

HOW CUTE IS THIS?!? We saw this as we were leaving the restaurant : )

Today I am working and then going to another one of my cousin's baseball games. Presley is 4 and he is a mess! He is such a cutie & I can't wait to take pictures!

I'm looking forward to this weekend.. SEX AND THE CITY 2 on Thursday, pool & grad party friday, lake Saturday-Monday!

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