Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby shower #1!

Sooo today was baby shower #1 at my Aunt's house. It turned out GREAT!! Brett & Chelsea got so much stuff! Everyone was so generous and it took three cars to get everything home! After the shower Me, my mom, Chelsea, her mom, her 3 sisters, and my sweet sweet Mr went to Target to exchange some things that they got 2 of.. & pick up a present for the baby shower we're going to next weekend for another friend. I just want to say that I have the most patient, loving, boyfriend EVER.. not only did he go to Target with 7 girls.. he also waited patiently while we shopped for nearly 2 hours AND offered to pay for a car seat/booster seat that was a "last item" that Chelsea wanted to get for CG when she transfers from her infant seat. It's days like this when I'm reminded of how perfect he is and how God couldn't have chosen a more perfect person for me :)

Me & Adam <3

My brother

Me & Chels


Brett changing a diaper blind folded!

Proud parent's-to-be!

My cousin Luke, my brother Brett, & my Adam : )

My brother was very excited about Carolyne Grace's new stroller & car seat :p

We're heading to the lake in the morning.. can't wait to spend the day out on the boat relaxing. I start my summer classes on Monday so this will be the last chance I have to relax for a while..



  1. Nice pics and lovely blog :)

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