Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby showers

This week is full of crafts for me!! I am getting ready for Chelsea's first baby shower this weekend. On top of work and getting ready to start summer classes next week I am making diaper cakes, name banners, and tons of other goodies. I am so excited to be doing all this because it's making me super excited about how close it is to Carolyne Grace's debut (due date is July 28th)

I've got to go back and get more of these flowers

This is the start of the name banner I'm in the process of making, It's going to spell out Carolyne (I'll add the finished product tomorrow after I finish it!)

My brother and Chelsea have been hard at work on CG's nursery and of course I have been helping as much as possible. My grandma keeps joking that if people didn't know any better they would think I was the one having the baby. I can't help it I am baby crazy and since my brother and SIL are so young I feel like they need extra help. I want to make sure my niece has scrapbooks and pictures and everything that they don't have time to do because they both work and are in college (not that I don't work and am not in college either, haha!)

My camera makes the wall color look super ugly..but it's really just a pale yellow color.

They're still waiting for her furniture to be painted, so hopefully it will be done this week so we can finish everything before the baby showers!

I can't wait until it's me and AK getting married and having babies, but in the mean time I will just spoil my sweet CG and enjoy this time with Adam before he graduates college in December!

I also have another friend who is pregnant and her baby shower is next Saturday! So I have Chelsea's first baby shower this Saturday, Alicia's next Saturday, and Chels' 2nd baby shower next Sunday! Busy, busy, but so so exciting!!


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  1. Congratulations Jamie! I guess, you're very much happy for your upcoming baby. This diaper cake would really be a great surprise for her and also the name banner that you're preparing. Good job! I'm pretty sure, she would love all these. Wow!! You're having another baby shower next week, it's great. You must be confused about the gifts. Check out some baby shower gift options. Hope you'll like it. Anyways, thanks for sharing.