Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend recap!

On Friday Adam and I met our friend Phoebe at Chops & Hops. Phoebe works at the hair salon next door so we met her after she got off work. We love this new restaurant, it's a fun place to hang out and the food is AMAZING {and cheap!}

This weekend was FULL of baby showers!
On Saturday we went to Alicia's baby shower. She's expecting baby Brayden early August. She has had a really rough pregnancy. She has developed gestational diabetes and has been on meds for a while. The dr's are taking her off her meds this week and she is on total bed rest. I pray that baby Brayden will stay in his mommy as long as he can! I also pray that Alicia gets the rest she needs and stays in bed.. or by the pool ; )

On Sunday I hosted my sister-in-laws baby shower! Carolyne Grace is due late July. I was overwhelmed with the generosity of the people who came. Chelsea and Brett have EVERYTHING they need for CG. It's amazing to see family & friends come together to celebrate such a special occasion. I was so glad 4 of my really good friends could be there, including my two roomies! Adam's mom also drove TWO hours to be there...that meant the WORLD to me! I love her & am so glad she is in my life.

After the baby shower I
went to work with A. He had to water the field and it's always fun to hang out inside Sanford when no one is there. Usually I am there for UGA football games with "92,746 of my closest friends" :p

This week I am loaded with school work. Three tests in three days. I made a 93 on my test today so I was very excited about that : )

I will hopefully have some new pictures up of CG's nursery.. It's a MESS right now with all of her new gifts!


& I REALLY wish I could go back to THIS..last summer with The Mr. at the beach!!
We are both working and taking classes this summer & CG will be here in July so I don't see us being able to take a trip to the beach.. SO I will just reminisce on last year : )



  1. I hope your friend Alicia gets better...

    And best wishes for both ladies!! ;)

  2. Looks like an adorable shower!!!

  3. Happy to see you had enjoyed baby shower party. I too enjoyed a baby shower at one of San Francisco venues. It was my best friend’s baby shower who is expecting a baby boy. So the entire arrangements were done on baby boy theme.