Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA from the blog world for so long.. it was a BUSY weekend to say the least!

So I'll go ahead and explain Carolyne Grace's unexpected birth!

On Thursday my SIL chelsea went to the dr for her 38 week appt. We knew there may be a chance he would send her to the hospital because she was 2cm at her 37 week appt and if she was 4 he would send her. So we all waited for the phone call and after her appt she called to say she hadn't changed and that the dr was going to induce on the 24th. So we all went on about our day. I had a hair appt at 3:00 and while I was there Chelsea called me. I didn't answer it and didn't call her back until I was in the car. When I called he she said "I don't know if your dad told you or not but we're on our way to the ER, I'm bleeding ALOT and we don't know what's going on" so of course I didn't know what to say and I didn't want to freak her out anymore so I just said "Okay, keep me updated..." Then I ran back in the salon and asked them if I could dry my hair *they just gave me a trim and I figured I would just be going home so I didn't have them dry it* I started running around that salon like a chicken with its head cut off.. I was freaking out! I didn't know what was going on with my SIL and niece but I also didn't want to go to the hospital with sopping wet hair if we were going to be staying there for a while. So after I dried my hair I drove 498mph to the hospital. When I got there Chelsea was in a room at Labor and Delivery. The nurses started monitoring her and determined the blood was because she lost her mucus plug. The nurses called her dr and explained everything.. and he said to SEND HER HOME! We were all upset about it because Chelsea was bleeding ALOT & with this being her first pregnancy she didn't really know what was going on and was really nervous (even though the nurses promised that all the blood was normal and was just her cervix opening up more). So after the dr told the nurse to send her home she came back in the room and told us that she wasn't going to send Chelsea home that she had a feeling she was going into early labor. So they monitored her for the next few hours and kept her over night. Me and my parent's went home and came back to the hospital at 7am the next morning. Chelsea's dr came in around 9 and broke her water...and around 11 he started pitocen. (I bet he was glad the nurse didn't send her home like he wanted her to! geez..) Chelsea was 4-5cm when he checked her at 11:00. When he checked her again at 12:20 she was FULLY dialated!! : ) So she started pushing around 1:10 & Carolyne Grace Almand Benson was born at 1:54p.m.

It was SO unexpected but it was the greatest weekend of my life so far. She's not even my baby but I love her so much. She is AMAZING!!! She's a tiny little girl, but her and mommy are both doing perfect.

Chelsea only gained 10 lbs the whole pregnancy and lost it instantly when she gave birth.. She's already back in her pre-pregger clothes!

We're taking CG to her first dr's appt today : ) & then taking her to my work for a baby shower for one of my co-workers (post on that later) & to show her off of course!

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  1. She is just precious! I can't believe your SIL is already wearing her pre-pregnancy clothes...that's great!