Sunday, July 25, 2010


This weekend has been a busy one!

AKL moved into his new condo so I have been helping him with all of that.

This weekend has also been ALL about some birthdays!
Yesterday was Adam's cousin's little girls 5th birthday & today is my cousin Taylor's 21st birthday!
Last night we went to the Terrapin Brewery in Athens. They have tours and you can get samples of all the different kinds of beers and people just hang out on the lawn. It was misserably hot but it was still a good time. After that the parents and grandparents went to dinner and Adam and I went to Taylor's house for a party with all his friends. It was a lot of fun : ) Our parents surprised us by showing up with "Taylor Fest 21" signs on! Ha, it was HILARIOUS! People were so confused as to why there were parents at a college party..but they figured it out & loved it!
The parents left & we all went downtown and it was a really fun time : )

(blurry picture taken with my iPhone..Colleen *Taylor's gf*, Aunt, Mom, & me)

Taylor and Colleen came over this morning to see CG : )

& also today we celebrated Kendall's 5th birthday! It was SO great to see Adam's parents and the rest of his family.. I just love them so much : ) Kendall is the cutest little girl ever and she had a great day!

Kendall has a horse named Rose and today she got a riding helmet and these adorable brown and pink cowgirl boots...she LOVED them !

Now I'm off to take a test for my online class and eat dinner with the fam : )

Hope y'all had a great weekend !!


  1. What a fun weekend! Little Kendall is just too cute :)

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