Thursday, September 23, 2010

busy bee!

I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!

pictures from the last week or so...

I have been enjoying spending lots & lots of time with my friends! AKL has been SO busy lately (last semesters of college are supposed to be easy, but not for him!)

I love my friendies :-)

CG went to her 2nd UGA tailgate this past weekend.. Looking so cute in her new UGA pillowcase dress. Too bad the dawgs didn't look at good as CG did...

The game was a heart breaker.

This girl is a smiling machine lately! There's NOTHING better in the world then seeing this...........

& to add to a great week.. I got my history test back (The one I stressed..lost sleep..freaked sick..over) & I am proud to say I was only one of FOUR A's in the whole class! NOW that makes for a happy girl!

Going over to my parent's house tonight for some Ranch Chicken (my fav!) & then out to Mexican with Adam and his roomies (I guess boys don't call them roomies, but whatever...)

AKL is leaving tomorrow for Mississippi for the Georgia game (if you haven't noticed..he goes to EVERY game, home and away!) & I get to watch the pups!!

AND for the best news of all.. one week from tomorrow we will be heading west to Boulder Colorado for the GA/CO game.. I am BEYOND excited!! I'm going with my dad but Adam will be out there too :-) amazing is this stadium?!?

Sorry for such a long post!!

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  1. How fun! I bet the Colorado game will be a blast! Have a great weekend :)