Wednesday, September 29, 2010

W.I.L Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie again this week for What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

Well, it's FINALLY starting to feel like fall down here in Georgia and I am LOVING it!

Me & Adam this time last year at the Luke Bryan concert!

I am LOVING that I am going wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law tonight! Her and my brother are going to renew their vows and have a big wedding on their one year anniversary (In April) because they didn't get to have one since the baby was coming and everything.

I am LOVING that I am leaving for Colorado on Friday morning! My dad and I are flying out at 10a.m. and spending the day in Denver.. then we're going back to Boulder for the game on Saturday. Then on Sunday we're going on a hike/bike tour through the mountains ((I'm very nervous about this..I'm not a very big outdoorsy girl, but I'll do it for my dad..ha!)) Then we're flying back to ATL on Monday.

I am LOVING that Adam will be in Colorado too! :-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. I love Luke Bryan! Cute blog!

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    You sure do have lots of things to love :)

    Luke will be in the Boro tonight but we can't go because of work :(

    Have a wonderful time in Colorado!

  3. Just found your blog and it's super cute! Have fun in Colorado! :)

  4. Just found your blog! You and your bf are adorable!

    Have a blast in CO!

    I'm a new follower :)

  5. Have fun in Colorado! I know it's beautiful this time of year!

  6. I've not seen him, but love his music. He came to Macon last year and sold out the place (of course it helps that he is from 2 hours South of here). His tickets are reasonalby priced . I imagine it's an awesome, energetic, fun show.

  7. Any Luke Bryan fans out there? Just snagged some front row Luke Bryan tickets when he comes here this fall...really like his music, but haven't followed him much, hoping he puts on a good show!