Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10!

Day 10: Something You're Afraid of.

I've never really shared this on my blog before, but my biggest fear in the world is that I won't be able to have children.
I have severe endometriosis and growing cysts in both of my ovaries.
I have been going to doctor after doctor for the last 2 years trying to figure everything out.
It has come down to the option of one of two surgeries.
I have a dr's appt this Friday to make the final decisions about everything & schedule surgery.
Once inside they will more than likely try to get rid of some of the endometriosis, but aren't sure that will do me any good seeing as how it's already so bad, they will also determine whether or not I get to keep my..'parts'..depending on the damage and seeing what ultrasounds aren't showing.
Scary thought for a 20-something year old.
They could potentially go in for surgery and see that things are okay and that the cysts are decreasing in size and aren't bleeding that keeps me hopeful.

I am content in knowing that the Lord has a plan for me, and for that I am so thankful.
I read a lot of blogs about women who can't have children, and although I'm not at that point of knowing whether or not I can, it's still a possibility & reading their blogs is SO encouraging.

((I'm not saying any of this so that people will feel bad for me or anything like that.. I'm fine, I really am.. I have been thinking about sharing this on my blog for a while now just as a way for me to deal with it & this just seemed like the perfect opportunity.))

Happy Wednesday :-)

"Be strong in the Lord & never give up hope"


  1. Oh honey I wish you the best of luck with the doctor this week.

  2. I have a friend who's gone through this and has the same fears as you. They haven't tried for kids yet, but I know she's worried. Anything is possible with the Lord! You're exactly right: The Awesome Lord has a plan for you - keep your eyes on Him and He'll give you the desires of your heart, one way or another!
    This is random, but will you reply/email me? I have a cousin going to school in Athens and maybe you're the same age?!?

  3. Good luck on Friday. As they say, Everything happens for a reason.

  4. I have the same fear, but mine is due to PCOS. I too know that God will take care of us both even though the journey might be difficult.

  5. Prayers for you. I had a cyst on my ovary and I had it surgically removed in July. Now, I'm rocking a 5" scar and I am scare that this is the beginning of my troubles. God does have a plan and he will take care of all of us!

  6. I have the same fear. I don't have a problem getting's keeping the pregnancy. Good luck to you:)

  7. Good luck at the doctor this week! And always remember God has a plan!

  8. I have the same fear. Wishing you the best and thinking of you.

  9. I have that fear as well. However, So far, no complications! Good Luck! If ever the need of inspiration, visit @ A Love Worth Waiting for - Her story is incredible!

  10. Prayers for you! I think as women, the thought of not having children is always a scary thought... and I agree with Jess, Lyndsie's blog is always so encouraging!

  11. I am your newest follower from Katies Journey!

    Best of luck at your appointment on Friday! I look forward to reading updates! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day!

  12. Visiting from the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I have a very close friend who had severe Endometriosis. They did some medical stuff to no avail. She decided to adopt. A couple years later God blessed her with a miracle pregnancy, followed by 3 others. I tell you this so that you will not lose hope. He has a plan and purpose for you! Blessings!

  13. I have the same fear. I have polycystic it makes it that much harder to conceive. Good Luck and Keep Faith! :)