Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16!

Day 16: Dream Home

So I guess if I could pick ANY house in the world..on any budget.. I'd pick something like this...

BIG house, on the lake, with a pool..PERFECTION

But since my lovely teaching salary will not allow for such a nice home I will go for something more like this...

AKL & I have already (kind of) decided that we want our first home to be an older brick ranch..we love the thought of being able to fix it up and make it "ours".

We will see what happens when we start looking at houses for real though...we may be too busy to spend time on fixing up a home and may go for something more like my parent's house. I love the Craftsman Style of the homes in their neighborhood...
This is my parent's house

Sidenote: Adam had his first "real" interview yesterday!
It's a sales position for a turf company. His territory would be Atlanta and West Georgia.
We are praying he gets this job..since it is his DREAM job!
We know the Lord has a plan and if he is meant to have this job he will get it, but extra prayers can't hurt! ;-)
It would be amazing if he got this job (or any job). He is so stressed about finding a job before graduation (December 17th) & this would just allow him to enjoy his last few months before he's done with college.


  1. Love the lake pic! Good luck to Adam.

  2. Prayers for Adam! Your parents house is beautiful! And I love your pics!

  3. Good luck Adam! I love the Craftsman home!

  4. I love ranch style homes. There's something more "homey" about them ... it seems like now everything is cookie cutter. I know ... I live in one :)

  5. Prayers up for your sweet beau to get that perfect dream job!!! Hope your havin' a good day!!

  6. Good luck to Adam! Loving the pic of your parents house. :)

  7. Here's to hoping he gets the job! You are right...some extra prayers never hurt! :)

  8. Good luck to him and love your dream homes!!!


  9. I would love a house on the lake one day too, but I have a feeling that will be when I am retired! Ranch style houses are very popular here in central Texas and I too would love an older one to renovate to make my own.

    Good luck to the boy, fingers crossed and praying for him!