Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Colorado Trip Day 1: Pearl Street

Our trip to Colorado was AMAZING (minus the part where we lost the game because of a fumble.........)
Colorado is a BEAUTIFUL state.
We landed in Denver mid-day on Friday.

Friday night we went out on Pearl Street, which is a really cool downtown area with shops and restaurants and bars. It was COVERED with Georgia fans. I was amazed at how many people made the trip.

There were a lot of people "performing" on the street.
This guy was covered in pieces of cloth to make himself look like a dog and he was putting on a show.. Pretty interesting

Me & my dad on Pearl Street

Pearl Street

This little squirell was so friendly! He was eating straight out of our hands.

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  1. This is awesome. I went to CU and am from about 15 minutes north of Boulder. Sadly, I wasn't at that game since I was living in Florida at the time but I remember being so pumped about winning, as a life-long Buff fan!