Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Days of Christmas blog challenge: day 1

i saw a few of my bloggy friends doing this so i thought i'd join in too!
aly at analyze this is hosting this christmas blog challenge...
day 1: christmas/holiday traditions

i l.o.v.e traditions.
my families traditions include...

1) decorating the day after thanksgiving (after black friday shopping and a nap of course!)

2. we always go to lake lanier for the magical nights of lights tour.. i've been going practically my whole life and it never gets old! we drive around listening to christmas music and looking at all the pretty lights then we get out and do some shopping & roast marshmellows at the big fire!

me and my roomie katie a couple of years ago at magical nights of lights
(we look so young haha)

3. on christmas eve we eat lunch with my mom's side of the family and then we eat dinner with my dad's side of the family. one tradition that we used to do that i miss SO much is going to my great grandparent's house on christmas eve night. we would go over there for dinner with my dad's WHOLE entire family.. like my grandma's brothers/sisters, their kids, etc. it was so much fun but it was just hard to keep that going once my great-grandparents passed away because no one else had a house big enough to fit everyone!

4. my grandmother on my dad's side of the family goes a little crazy every year with all of the presents she buys for everyone..
for example this is what her tree looked like last year...

it's insane. but part of our tradition is for her to pass out all the gifts to everyone and then we make our little individual piles and we all open one at a time. it takes a long time but it's so much fun and it's something i look forward to every year. she buys the best presents too so it's always exciting to see what she gets us.

she even gets her "grand-dogs" gifts... haha gotta love her!

5. and lastly.. on christmas morning morning, even though were older now, me and my brother still wait for each other to wake up and then we go into the living room and open all of our "santa" gifts! then my dad makes us breakfast (i always eat french toast). then all my grandparents come over to see what "santa" brought us.. haha i love that we still do all of this even though we're 18 and 20 :-)

i love christmas traditions!


  1. I LOVE the grand dog tree!!!!! Great traditions!

  2. I love your traditions! We always divide the presents in piles and open one at a time too, I love it!

  3. We still wait for everyone to wake up and see what "Santa" has brought as well!!! I love it! :)

  4. What fun Christmas traditions :) That's how my Mimi's tree used to look with all those presents under it when we were little!

  5. Love it! We still do Santa presents too and we are 23, 20, and 18 haha!