Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the amandas

So after my successful bathroom drawer organization I was left feeling anxious about organizing more things in my apartment.

funny story real fast.. i sent my mom my before/after pictures of my drawer because i was just beaming with excitement.. and at that exact time my mom was doing the SAME THING to her bathroom drawers.. too funny!

today we made a trip over to targetto get some more clear plastic thingys. i got a big one with 5 drawers to go under my bathroom sink.. except it doesn't fit.. so now it's in my closet and i'm going back to get a smaller one tomorrow.

anyway, the point of this post was that in the midst of my organization realization i was watching t.v. before i went to bed last night and caught this show on Style called The Amandas... Ok..my new favorite show--seriously! y'all have got to check this girl out--she is a professional organizer & my new hero. her take-charge attitude and cute cute cute wardrobe left me feeling even MORE excited about organizing than i was before.

here's her blog & website!

happy organizing :)


  1. Dear Jamie Lynn-
    Thanks so much for the compliment!! I'm glad you liked the show. You need to post pics of your bathroom. So exciting.

  2. I'm your newest follower and am looking forward to reliving my college days through you :)