Friday, November 12, 2010

fill in the blank friday

1. the most spontaneous thing i've ever done was...
well, spontaneous is my middle name..pretty much everything i do is spontaneous, ha! i actually asked adam once to describe me in one word and he said spontaneous. i guess the most spontaneous thing i've done though was last spring when my roommates and i randomly decided to go to the beach..we decided this at 11:00p.m. and by 12:00a.m. we were picking up another friend and were on the road.

2. the best gift i've ever recieved was...
2 years ago AKL went to the braves spring training games in florida..well, he knows how big of a matt diaz (brother to the christian singer jonny diaz) fan i after one of the games he waited out back where the players come out and he got matt to sign an official mlb ball for me..i was so surprised when he gave it to me and it is still my favorite gift ever!!

3. a time that i was truly and genuinley surprised was...
my freshman (or sophomore..i don't remember) year of college i was having a REALLY bad day. AKL was supposed to be in class and i was at my apartment doing homework when in he walked holding not 1..not 2..not even 3..but FOUR coach bags.. he had gone to the outlets (instead of class) and gotten me a purse, wallet, wristlit and a $50.00 giftcard. and it's not really about the physical surprise but this is just a true definition of the man that adam is.. he would seriously do ANYTHING to make me happy.. and HAPPY i was :-)

4. i can't leave the house without...
my iPhone. i could be naked with no makeup on but as long as i have my phone i'm good to go!

5. favorite day of the week is
it is so relaxing. i usually try to have all of my homework done before sunday so i can go to church and lunch and just relax with my puppies and adam and watch football. there's just something about sundays that are so peaceful to me.

6. something that can always make me laugh is...
carolyne-grace :-) she just melts my heart. she is hilarious and i love her so much!

7. my perfect day would include...
sleeping in, waking up to adam cooking breakfast and lexie already being taken outside (i hate doing that in the mornings), shopping all day with endless amounts of money, and then eating dinner at the last resort :-)


  1. Your dogs are adorable. I can't wait to move into a pet friendly place and finally get the chance to rescue a dog. That isn't relevant... sorry!

    Your answer about your NEED to have your iphone made me laugh. I pretty much feel the same! I absolutely can't leave without it. I'll turn back around. No second guessing.

    Super cute blog. New followa. :)

  2. oh my goodness, i love your blog 10X more now than I know you're a MattE fan. haha. He is such a sweetheart. I have his autograph also. :)

  3. Your perfect day sounds like my kind of day!

    Love the new layout too!