Thursday, November 11, 2010

new blog design & CMA's

i just love love love my new blog design! thank you Penny Lane Designs.
i've been trying to simplify my life in a lot of ways.. so a new, more simple, blog design is perfect!

ok, so last night me and the mr. watched the CMA's and i was so into it! (picture clapping after every performance, making the dogs quit playing so i could hear better, etc.) for one, carrie underwood & brad paisley are my FAVORITES!

and blake and miranda are so cute! i'm so happy for both of them :-)

& brad..oh brad.. entertainer of the year--i love it! (sn: i met brad paisley at wal-mart when i was in 7th grade) His acceptance speech left me in tears.. it was so sweet!

and i can't forget my georgia man, zac brown!

i love the cma's every year & get so excited!
it also got me and A thinking we should take a trip to nashville over christmas break!


  1. It was such a good show! I love all of the performances!

  2. loving the new blog design! it's adorable :) I copied your survey below and did it with my guy today! We had so much fun choosing who was the most stubborn, etc! Cute, cute. cute!

  3. I loved the show! Blake and Miranda are so adorable! I saw her in concert a few weeks ago, he showed up to surprise her and sing a song!