Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i'm linking up with jamie for what i'm loving wednesday :-)

1) i am loving the weather here in georgia.. it's perfect!

2) i am loving my sweet lexie.. she has been so good lately!

3) i am loving that it's almost thanksgiving. it's one of my favorite holidays! it just kicks things off for me.. t-giving, then christmas, then new years, then my birthday!

4) i am loving that my mom and i have decided to go shopping on black friday again this year. can't wait to see what kind of great deals we will get!

5) i am loving my sweet adam. he is so good to me :-)

i hope everyone is having a great wednesday!!


  1. Shopping with your mom is the BEST!

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    I agree...the weather today here in Georgia was perfect!

  3. I love Black Friday shopping! I hope you find some great deals!

  4. I've only been shoppin on Black Friday one time! in 2001 my hubs (then boyfriend) and his mom went to BRANSON!!!! Talk about Crowded!!!!!! I've never been back!!!~shoppin on Black Friday~

    I'm hosting a Bible Study on my blog! please come on over and "link up" and join in on reading and learning God's Word! : )