Saturday, November 20, 2010

women be shoppin'

today A and I woke up early and headed to the outlets.
they had so many great deals..
sadly i walked away with just an outfit from polo for little miss CG
adam, however, bought enough for the both of us! that boy can SHOP!

we came home and just hung out and watched football.
it felt weird for both of us to be sitting at home on a saturday instead of at a georgia game!
no worries, the dawgs will be back in athens next weekend for the big game against GA Tech.

to make up for the lack of shopping i did at the outlets i did some online shopping!
i got some really great deals at forever 21 by shopping in their 'fabulous finds' section..
here's what i got..

striped tunic $11.50

striped cardigan $11.50

plaid sleep shorts $5.50

denim skinny jeans $9.50

black denim skinny jeans $9.50

basic white cami $3.50

now i know forever 21 isn't exactly the most high quality when it comes to clothing but i love everything they have and with those prices who cares!?

i hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend!

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