Thursday, December 30, 2010


2010 was definitely a year of change for our family!
Everything was pretty much centered around my brother, Chelsea and the baby. It was such a fun year though and I wouldn't trade any of it!!

I celebrated my 20th birthday with family, friends, & Adam!

Adam and I celebrated Valentine's day, which was also our 1st anniversary. We went to dinner downtown Athens and went and saw the movie Valentine's Day.
Adam gave me a ring :-)

Went to Destin for Spring Break with Jessica, McKinley & Katie. The weather was not very good but we still had a great time!!

We also found out that Chelsea was having a GIRL!!
Carolyne-Grace Almand Benson
This was the first girl in our entire family since ME so it was a big deal!

My brother and Chelsea got married.

& I really began learning how to use my Nikon

Went to many, many, MANY Braves games this month!

I shot Chelsea's maternity pictures

Spent a lot of time going to dinner with friends and enjoying summer

Went and watched my little China girl~Macie~ play softball

Went to Alicia's baby shower for baby Brayden

& we started getting really excited about the arrival of CG after her baby showers

Went to Savannah

& welcomed my beautiful niece into the world...

She shares a birthday with her Shug {my mom}
July 16th!
~CG is probably the only person my mom would share a birthday with~

Me and my girl <3

McKinley, Katie, and I moved into our new apartment at The Exchange!

Carolyne-Grace's first trip to the lake with us!
We spend A LOT of time at the lake so it was really special for her to finally get to come :-)

We also spent some time downtown having fun with our friends!

Headed West to Colorado for the Georgia game!
It was such a fun trip despite the loss...

Me with Adam and his roommate Andy

& We celebrated my roomie's twenty-first birthday!

Went to lots & lots of Georgia games!

Me and Jessi!

Me & my bestie Lindsey in Auburn!

Adam graduated from UGA!!

We also celebrated our 2nd Christmas together!

I'm looking forward to everything 2011 has to offer!
I have a feeling it's going to be the best year yet!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I had mentioned my obsession with buffalo chicken dip a little while ago and a few people asked if I could put the recipe up.. so I waited until I made it again so I could take some pictures {confession: I've probably made it 3-4 times since then but just remembered to take the pictures today, haha}

The recipe I use is from here

2 (10 oz) cans chunk chicken, drained {If I have time I try to use cut up chicken breast, but today I just used the canned chicken}
2 (8 oz) packages cream cheese, softened
1 Cup Ranch dressing
3/4 cup pepper sauce (such as Frank's Red Hot) {I like things extra spicy so I use about a cup of the hot sauce}
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese

and of course you always need a cute assistant! {A.K.A. my niece Carolyne-Grace!}

I don't follow the directions exactly.. I kind of just go with the flow

{first} I heat the chicken, over medium heat

then I add the ranch and hot sauce {accidently deleted that picture..} & then I add the cream cheese.
After all of that is melted together you can add some cheddar cheese

after that I put it all in a pan and sprinkle more cheddar cheese over the top

Then I bake it on 350* for about 10 mins

I know there are a lot of different ways to make it {some people prefer blue cheese over ranch} but this is the way I like it best! :-)

Now we're off to my Memama's again to have Christmas with my Pop's brother and his kids and their kids! & My Aunt Julie, Uncle Tommy & 3 cousins are in town from Savannah!


I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am LOVING that my twenty-first birthday is EXACTLY one month from today! Thank goodness--no more of this Fake ID non sense I have been dealing with.. ;-)
& I will be in VEGAS!!!
I am LOVING that I've gotten to spend so much time with Adam this break... too bad he's leaving tomorrow for the Georgia bowl game :/ Sad Sad Sad GF.. who the heck am I supposed to kiss at midnight on NYE?! ERrgg.. No worries-- He's already made up for the fact that he won't be here.. :-)
I am LOVING my new iPhone4!
I am LOVING that I got a lot of cute stuff for our apartment yesterday.. New pillows, curtains, and a few little accesorries.
Hope the roomies like it when they get back in town!

& finally, I am LOVING that we have one more family Christmas get together tonight :-)

What are YOU loving today?!

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow day!

The day after Christmas we woke up to LOTS & LOTS of SNOW!!!

Like I said before, I am NOT a fan of snow.. but I did go out in it for a little while to take pictures :-)

Hamp & Lexie LOVED running around in the snow. Poor Lex had icicles stuck to her hair when she came in.. She was so cold I had to run a warm bath and let her play in it to defrost her fur.. ha! I'm a bad mommy & didn't have any sweaters at my parent's house for her.. of course she has the perfect snow vest at my apartment.. hmphh..

CG was only outside for a few minutes but it wore her out! Ha
How special for her first Christmas to be a WHITE one :-)

Now I'm hoping it won't snow again until next year...Ba Hum Bug ;-)

Christmas Eve & Christmas day

Christmas Eve was spent at my parent's house with my mom's side of the family!

My mom & G'Ma

Everyone about to open presents! We draw names and go around the circle and open the presents one by one {I hate doing this because I'm really bad at hiding my expressions and I'm scared I'm going to open something I don't like and hurt someone's feelings......}

We woke up Christmas morning, surprisingly, pretty late..around 10! Ha, I guess we were all worn out from the day before!!

Here are some of Carolyne-Grace's Santa gifts!

It was CG's first Christmas, & even though she had no idea what was going on it was fun to see her open her presents & play with all her new toys :-) Can't wait until next year when she really gets it!

Later in the day Adam came over and we left to go to my grandparent's house to have Christmas with my dad's side of the family. {I didn't get to see Adam's family because they live kind of far.. Adam went home Christmas Eve night to see them though}

My Memama goes WAY over board.. ha, we love it! She gets all the grandkids the exact same number of presents. & we all usually get one of the same present, this year we all got North Face pullovers.

Me & some of my cousins.. I'm the ONLY girl out of the 8 grandkids..{a.k.a SPOILED! haha}

As we were leaving it started SNOWING! A white Christmas NEVER happens here.. so it was pretty cool--even though I am not a huge snow fan..

:-) This Christmas was one to remember. I'm so glad I got to spend so much time with Adam and my family!