Monday, December 6, 2010


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything worth reading {even though it's doubtful that there's that many folks who really even care what I have to say anyway, ha!}

Here is the reason for my lack of blogging...

{exhibit A}

{exhibit B}
writing in hot pink really does help the studying process tremendously.. & I know this just looks like a bunch of addition but math for elem school teachers is much harder than you'd think!

I'll be back to regular posts after Thursday! I've got some great posts lined up for next week so just bare with me :-)


  1. Oh God... if it's the same kind of math class I had to take more elementary education then yes, it is hard. I feel your pain!

  2. That's one thing I don't miss about college...studying! Good luck on your finals!

  3. Math for elem school teachers was a lot of work! I think i worked harderin that class than ne other one i had! Good luck girl!