Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm taking a little study break to do WILW with Jamie :)

1. Well for starters, I am LOVING that I only have one more final left {tomorrow!}

2. I am LOVING that Christmas is only 16 days away!

3. I am LOVING that next weekend is ALL about my Mr and his graduation from UGA! I'm so stinkin proud of him it's ridiculous!!

4. I am LOVING that my daddy fixed my car.. I don't know what was wrong with it {probably had something to do with the fact that I've only gotten the oil changed once since I got the car in April...oooops!}, but it wouldn't start the other day and thank goodness Mr Mick used to own an auto parts store and can fix about anything!!

5. I am LOVING that my sweet baby niece is learning to imitate really well--her favorite thing to do is stick her tongue out at everyone :p SO cute!

6. I am LOVING being home "for the winter". {as I say} I came home-home last Thursday and I get to stay until JANUARY! Such a blessing :-)


funny conversation that took place last night...

Brother was putting batteries in CG's new battery operated booger sucker {ew..}

sister: brett, you know the flat part goes against the spring right
brother: no, not in this one it says - and + on the same side as the springs
me: brett, the flat part ALWAYS goes against the springs.. duh
brother: not always
me: yeah...
dad walks in.
me: DAD.. DOESN'T THE FLAT PART OF A BATTERY ALWAYS GO ON THE SPRINGS?!? {in the brattiest voice ever..}
dad: not always
brother: told you so.
me: well anything I've ever put batteries in the flat part went on the springs
dad: have you ever changed the batteries in anything except a remote control?
me:.......well, no
dad: exactly

it's no secret in my family that I'm not exactly the handiest gal around.. Actually I know nothing about pretty much everything. . . so they all had a nice laugh at me.

sorry, that story prob wasn't that funny--but it was too us, ha!


  1. You have such a good list! Congrats on only having one final left, I have two and can't wait to be done!

    I think that story is pretty funny, I am not handy at all either!

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    Good luck on your last final!

    That totally sounds like something I would say too!

  3. Lucky you, my finals don't start until next week:/. But glad to see you're happy and at home!

    And your beau is adorable, along with you're little puppy. Can I have the lil guy haha?

    Just kidding, but cute blog girl! Following youu.

  4. hi! I just wanted to let you know that I changed my blog and its location to :) your Mr and furry babies are so adorable!!