Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am LOVING that my twenty-first birthday is EXACTLY one month from today! Thank goodness--no more of this Fake ID non sense I have been dealing with.. ;-)
& I will be in VEGAS!!!
I am LOVING that I've gotten to spend so much time with Adam this break... too bad he's leaving tomorrow for the Georgia bowl game :/ Sad Sad Sad GF.. who the heck am I supposed to kiss at midnight on NYE?! ERrgg.. No worries-- He's already made up for the fact that he won't be here.. :-)
I am LOVING my new iPhone4!
I am LOVING that I got a lot of cute stuff for our apartment yesterday.. New pillows, curtains, and a few little accesorries.
Hope the roomies like it when they get back in town!

& finally, I am LOVING that we have one more family Christmas get together tonight :-)

What are YOU loving today?!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I absolutely love that couch and all of the blue accents!! What a CUTE apartment :) Also, that will be an awesome 21st in Vegas!!!!

  2. I know I just posted, but I just saw your comment! What a small world :) Glad we are bloggy friends!!!

  3. Your apartment is adorable!!! And getting to spend your 21st in Vegas will be a blast!!!

  4. I found your blog through Jamie's! Your apartment is adorable! And how fun that you will be in Vegas on your 21st birthday! I also have a Yorkie named Lexi! :)

  5. Your apartment looks so nice! Not College like at all, way more gorwn up!

  6. I love love love that Home sign with the hooks! Where is that from??? It's adorable! And yay for almost being birthday time!!

  7. I love all of the things you got for your apartment! Too cute!

  8. Love your blog, new follower

  9. Thanks for playing along!

    Your apartment is just too cute!

  10. Great loves! The apartment is too cute! Happy day!