Monday, January 31, 2011

vegas trip-Part 4

Saturday {my birthday!} was my favorite day of the whole trip!!
We woke up and had brunch at a restaurant inside the hotel--it was amazing!

after lunch I went shopping with my cousin...
I got SO much great stuff {using all the money I won on the slots the night before, YES!}
They had 3 HUGE Sephora's so I stocked up on some new products.

I am obsessed with makeup and beauty products.. it's almost ridiculous. I just really enjoy trying new things. {click on the links and it will take you to the actual product} I got a Too Faced Neutral Eye Palette, Marc Jacobs Daisy roller ball, Urban Decay primer potion {best stuff evaaaa} and some nail polish!

After shopping with my cousin I went shopping with A. He let me pick out stuff for my birthday :-)
Everything I got was from H&M and Forever21
The H&M was THREE stories high.. & the F21 was TWO.. unreal

I just had to buy this shirt.. I mean really, a GA shirt in Vegas?! Heck yes!

Love.Love.LOVE this top.. the lace is so cute!

and that zipper. enough said.

Love this little lacy guy.. only $10!
My roomie suggested wearing my black jeggings with it.. sounds like a great outfit to me!

up close

Y'all-- I have been SEARCHING for a brown jacket for so long. All of the ones I have found have either been too cheap and looked like plastic or were so expensive that I wouldn't want to wear it in fear of messing it up! So when I saw this beauty I knew she had to be MINE!

A was less than thrilled with this purchase, but once I put it on he thought it was supa cool.

and this. my favorite purchase of the day...

it's those gold buttons I tell ya.. ah, obsessed.

& finally.. this blue number is what I will be wearing this weekend for my bday festivities with the friendsies!

here she is in yellow.. so you can see what it's supposed to actually look like...

& after shopping we went to dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club!
Hands down, best dinner of my life!
I had lobster mash potatoes.. Oh ya..

See that huge contraption behind us?
Yeah, we ate inside of that baby. they call it a tree house.
wasn't very tree housy to me..
but it was a very cool experience.

& in true Jamie fashion.. after dinner I went to bed.
Yep, on my 21st birthday in Vegas, I stayed in, took a bubble bath, watched HGTV and slept.
& it was EXACTLY what I wanted to do!

Vegas trip-Part 3

Since I didn't technically turn 21 until Saturday there wasn't really much I could do until Midnight.
So once we got back from the Hoover Dam we all napped and took our time getting ready.

Adam playing his current obsession, Angry Birds {seriously though if you haven't played this game download it ASAP, so fun!}

my sweet roomies & jessica sent presents for me with A!
I was so surprised.. i love my friendies!

birthday princess!

We headed to dinner at a pizza place inside the hotel.
We ate slowly & then headed over to Ceasar's Palace to check out the shopping and other restaurants.
It's so crazy how late stuff stays open in LV...
It seriously is the city that never sleeps~ I mean for real the H&M was open til MIDNIGHT!

at exactly midnight I headed to Fat Tuesdays to buy my first legal drink!

getting my ID checked for the first time!

I ordered the HUGE 190 Octane
of course 3 sips in I was over it & gave it to Adam, ha!

playing my first slot machine!!

Adam's 3rd pull ever & he won $205.00
I wish I could say his luck continued the rest of the wknd, but I'm afraid Las Vegas beat Adam..BIG time!!

I won too!!

free scooby snacks! ..I didn't even drink mine, lol I was a sucky 21ster in Vegas...

Poor cousin only cashed out $0.05!
I won SOOOOO much money this wknd~ I was good at those slots!
Either that or the Casino Gods knew it was my birthday ;-)

Telling Adam my secrets of how to win.

Next up.. Saturday {BIRTHDAY!!} shopping/nicest dinner I've ever had!

Vegas trip-Part 2

I am a huge fan of sight seeing so when my dad told me we were near the Hoover Dam I was all over it!
Funny story though... I don't know why but for some reason the whole time we were on our way there I thought we were going to a water fall--maybe I was getting confused with Niagra Falls? Ha, I don't know..but everyone got a kick out of my 'blonde {er...brunette?} moment'

Everything was SO beautiful :-)
& the weather was amazing.. high 70's!
I told A that this was the first time I had felt sun in SO long!!!

me and my daddy :-)

my sweet boyf


my mom, me, my cousin, & my aunt!
SO glad they were there to celebrate with me this wknd!
Lindsey is like a sister to me :-)

boyf, me, cuz, Jeff {cousin's boyf}

Standing in Arizona AND Nevada!
Ha, I'm so cool...

This was probably one of the biggest highlights of the trip!

Thanks Daddy for renting a car and driving us all out to see it :-)

Next up... Friday night BiRtHdAy celebrating!!

Vegas trip-Part 1

Well, I made it back safely from my birthday trip to Vegas!
To say this was the best.birthday.ever would be a complete understatement.
Everything about this wknd was absolutely PERFECT.

I am so thankful for my amazing parents and lovely boyfriend for giving me the best 21st birthday a girl could ever have!

I'm going to try my best to condense my pictures & do several different posts about my weekend.

I'm going to start off with pictures of our hotel.
We stayed at The Cosmopolitan which just opened Dec. 15th
This place was seriously UH-MAZE-ING!!!

It was so extravagant & I did NOT want to leave!!!

Here are some AMAZING pictures.. although they obviously don't do it justice.

The Chandelier Bar

Our bathroom...
Check out that tub over looking VEGAS...
You better believe I sat in this beauty forever the first night we got there!

view from our balcony

The Cosmo had THE BEST furniture everywhere!!

Next up... Friday at Hoover Dam!