Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday, Y'all!

I have had quite an EVENTFUL day!!

I have driven to the airport & back (3 hrs round trip), stopped by my work, ate lunch with Adam, took a shower & did homework, all while babysitting Carolyne-Grace!

Needless to say I am exhausted already & it's only 2:40 & I still have class tonight! YIKES.


Random ramblings from the past week or so...

1) I got my cute camera strap in the mail that I won from Savannah's giveaway! LOVE it!!

2) My mom bought Carolyne-Grace a walker.. & that girl has gone to town on that thing!! She has "driven" 100's of miles through the house already.. love my sweet niece!

3) Adam hates when I am babysitting CG & we go to lunch together because he doesn't like people thinking she is ours.. ME on the other hand.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people say 'you're daughter is soooo cute!' Ha, I just smile & say thanks :-) Hehe
**Just today at Chickfila Adam basically forced me to tell the lady at the register that she was my niece.. mean ole Uncle Adam!

4) I have been playing around on Picnik making cute little sayings & what not to put in frames..
So far I've made some pretty cute stuff! & I made one of A's fav bible verse to put in his office at UGA!

I'm going to put this one in my office..

5) My friend, Jessica, is watching Lexie this weekend while we're in Vegas for my birthday!
I am sooo nervous that Lexie is going to destroy something, ha! But I know Jess will be a great 2nd mommy to my baby while I'm gone!

6) Countdown to Vegas: 3 days! Countdown to my 21st birthday: 5 days!!

So that's about all the randomness I have in me today.

Hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the day :-)


  1. my boyfriend is the same way about my niece! And I am the same way that you are I totally just go with it and say thanks!

  2. Happy almost birthday! Very exciting. :)

  3. Aww that lil girl is just precious. I love editing pictures on picnik, never thought about doing sayings.
    Have fun in Vegas!!

  4. Ooohh stop your worrying Jame !! Me and the baby will be just fine (: although we will be missing yoouu.

  5. Hi! Just stopping by from Miscellany Monday. I love your blog!