Monday, January 10, 2011

MORE snow!

I cannot believe it, but we have MORE snow!

I thought I lived in Georgia?!

Hmmph, we are officially snowed in.. this should be interesting.

The roomies & I are pretty much already going crazy.

We are making the most of it though by taking lots & lots of pictures!

me & McKinley on our porch last night

Me & Katie

Snow last night

We made a pallet and watched 2 episodes of Kendra and the Craigslist Killer {Awesome movie, btw!}
and today we have plans for even more movie/TV watching.. PRAYING the power stays on!!!

This was the snow last night

& this is what I woke up to this morning..
LOTS more

Little Lexie does not like the snow and refuses to go potty in it.. :/

Her brother on the other hand has no problem going.
Watch out for that yellow snow friends ;-)

AKL sent me this pic this morning..

I still can't believe we have another snow day!! This one is much worse than the last one and will probably stick around for a couple of days. The ice is what's really causing us issues.. We won't be leaving any time soon! {which isn't good because I forgot to get Diet Cokes!!}


  1. Hope you stay warm girlie , and ill pray power doesnt go off for the both of us :)

  2. How fun! It's just rainy and icy down here in south Georgia!

  3. Wow...that's a lot! We have only gotten sleet and ice so far in Louisiana! We watched the Craigslist Killer yesterday, too! SOOOOO good!

  4. Looks like you had fun with your roomies!! I can't believe how much snow we got last night! And now that it's icing over.. I think everyone in Georgia will be stir crazy soon! Stay warm!