Monday, January 31, 2011

Vegas trip-Part 2

I am a huge fan of sight seeing so when my dad told me we were near the Hoover Dam I was all over it!
Funny story though... I don't know why but for some reason the whole time we were on our way there I thought we were going to a water fall--maybe I was getting confused with Niagra Falls? Ha, I don't know..but everyone got a kick out of my 'blonde {er...brunette?} moment'

Everything was SO beautiful :-)
& the weather was amazing.. high 70's!
I told A that this was the first time I had felt sun in SO long!!!

me and my daddy :-)

my sweet boyf


my mom, me, my cousin, & my aunt!
SO glad they were there to celebrate with me this wknd!
Lindsey is like a sister to me :-)

boyf, me, cuz, Jeff {cousin's boyf}

Standing in Arizona AND Nevada!
Ha, I'm so cool...

This was probably one of the biggest highlights of the trip!

Thanks Daddy for renting a car and driving us all out to see it :-)

Next up... Friday night BiRtHdAy celebrating!!


  1. The Hoover Dam is beautiful!

  2. i love the picture where you are standing in both states lol. Ever since I saw a Walk Remember and he did for her to be at two places at once I always love it!