Monday, January 31, 2011

vegas trip-Part 4

Saturday {my birthday!} was my favorite day of the whole trip!!
We woke up and had brunch at a restaurant inside the hotel--it was amazing!

after lunch I went shopping with my cousin...
I got SO much great stuff {using all the money I won on the slots the night before, YES!}
They had 3 HUGE Sephora's so I stocked up on some new products.

I am obsessed with makeup and beauty products.. it's almost ridiculous. I just really enjoy trying new things. {click on the links and it will take you to the actual product} I got a Too Faced Neutral Eye Palette, Marc Jacobs Daisy roller ball, Urban Decay primer potion {best stuff evaaaa} and some nail polish!

After shopping with my cousin I went shopping with A. He let me pick out stuff for my birthday :-)
Everything I got was from H&M and Forever21
The H&M was THREE stories high.. & the F21 was TWO.. unreal

I just had to buy this shirt.. I mean really, a GA shirt in Vegas?! Heck yes!

Love.Love.LOVE this top.. the lace is so cute!

and that zipper. enough said.

Love this little lacy guy.. only $10!
My roomie suggested wearing my black jeggings with it.. sounds like a great outfit to me!

up close

Y'all-- I have been SEARCHING for a brown jacket for so long. All of the ones I have found have either been too cheap and looked like plastic or were so expensive that I wouldn't want to wear it in fear of messing it up! So when I saw this beauty I knew she had to be MINE!

A was less than thrilled with this purchase, but once I put it on he thought it was supa cool.

and this. my favorite purchase of the day...

it's those gold buttons I tell ya.. ah, obsessed.

& finally.. this blue number is what I will be wearing this weekend for my bday festivities with the friendsies!

here she is in yellow.. so you can see what it's supposed to actually look like...

& after shopping we went to dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club!
Hands down, best dinner of my life!
I had lobster mash potatoes.. Oh ya..

See that huge contraption behind us?
Yeah, we ate inside of that baby. they call it a tree house.
wasn't very tree housy to me..
but it was a very cool experience.

& in true Jamie fashion.. after dinner I went to bed.
Yep, on my 21st birthday in Vegas, I stayed in, took a bubble bath, watched HGTV and slept.
& it was EXACTLY what I wanted to do!


  1. You bought some CUTE things!

  2. Those things are super cute! It looks like you have such a wonderful trip to vegas!!!

  3. What an amazing trip! It makes me look forward to mine in september!

  4. Ahh I don't know what I'd do with 2 and 3 story stores! WOW! You got some super cute stuff!!!