Thursday, February 24, 2011

Play Kitchen for the Babe

For months now my sister-in-law and I have been searching for the perfect piece of furniture to turn into a play kitchen for Carolyne-Grace.

Finally.. the other day I was driving to my parent's house and passed by our local "Odds & Ends" & noticed a piece out front that would be PERFECT! So today after work, Chelsea and I stopped by. We decided if it was less than $30 then we would get it. Turns out it was $20... so we raced home and got my dad's truck, went back & they loaded her up in the back and we were on our way & SUPER excited about our purchase!

We got home and told Carolyne-Grace what we had bought and how Aunt Jamie and Mommy were going to get her some felt food to go inside her new kitchen and a stool because she won't quite be tall enough and an apron with her name on it.. To which she responded with this face.. {because she was so surprised at their great ideas!}

{ok, not this exact pic, but she did make this face!}

We have great plans for this beauty who lives in my parent's basement for the time being...

We plan to give it to CG for her first birthday {in July} so we have a lot of time to work on it!

I'm so excited that we finally found the perfect piece & I plan on documenting our transformation so y'all can all see :-)

Hope everyones having a GREAT Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday!
I know I sure am :-)
I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am LOVING so much today!

1-I am LOVING that I got to sleep in today.. I got some MUCH needed sleep & I am seriously thinking about taking a nap when I finish this post haha

2- I am LOVING that I have finally been able to get into the tanning bed at my apartment!
We have a free tanning bed, but you have to call & make an appointment and with Spring Break coming up every girl at The Exchange is trying to take advantage of the tb!!

3- I am LOVING that I am going to the beach next week for my cousin's 25th birthday!
Her boyfriend has a house in Destin so some of the fam is going down there to celebrate. We're leaving Wednesday and coming back Sunday

4- I am LOVING that the week after Destin it will be SPRING BREAK !! I am going to New Orleans with some of my BEST BEST BEST friends! THEN I may be heading down to FL with Adam for Braves spring training :-)

5- I am LOVING that last night me and the roomies ordered pizza for only $4.99 and watched the Amanda Knox Lifetime movie {which I didn't love but whatever} & then we watched Real Housewives of Miami.. I think I am going to love this season {NOT as much as my girls from Bev Hills, OC, & NJ...} These Miami women are LOONEY TUNES!!!

6- I am LOVING that Real Housewives of OC comes back on SOON!
{Can you tell me and the roomies LOVE reality tv!?}

7-I am LOVING that this is one of the easiest semesters I've ever had in college {I may be eating my words when the work load picks up after spring break but right now things are going GREAT!}

8- & finally I am LOVING this sweet sweet man...
He is so good to me :-)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh this poor bloggy has been so neglected lately.
I am so busy that when I actually am at home I am so tired that I just don't even have the energy to blog.

So what have I been up to this past week, you ask!?

Here's some randomness of what this girl has been doing!

~I've spent lots of time sitting in this :/

~I've gotten to spend some time with this cutie :-)
Who, by the way, is saying 3 words now at the ripe ole age of 7-months {mama, dada & bye-bye}
She's a genius I tell ya..
& she got two teefers this week!!!
{this pic is from last Sunday & they were barely they're all the way in!}

~I've been lusting over this {& I will probably buy it before Spring Break!}

~I've also been LOVING this Spring weather we've been having..
Hello sundresses, shorts & open-toed shoes!
..for now at least, apparently there's a cold front coming in soon..
But today we took full advantage of the weather & the girls went to the park while the boys did boy stuff {a.k.a. watched the Georgia Basketball game}
I LOVE living so close to home so that I can spend time with them so much :-)

This girl is so crazy.. she loves being flipped!!
She will throw her head back when I'm holding her so that I'll flip her..

Carolyne-Grace and her Mama!

CG & Shug

So that's what I've been up to.. nothing too crazy, ha
AKL is picking me up later for drinks & dinner at our local fave, Chops & Hops.. then hopefully he will watch a movie with me while I study :(

Hopefully next week will be a better bloggy week for me!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prayers Please!!

My family received some pretty devastating news yesterday.

Just a little background info on the situation: 16 years ago my grandma {Memama} was diagnosed with ITP.. which is basically a blood disorder where your immune system destroys your platelets. This, along with a few other health problems she was dealing with, almost killed her. I was too young to remember any of it, but my parents said they called the family in on 3 different occasions to say good-bye. She was in the hospital for months until she finally recovered from everything.

She has been some-what healthy since all of this happened.. I say some-what because although the ITP was gone she was dealing with all sorts of other things.

My Memama is basically my second mom, I am SO close with her and my Pop. Her health has never affected her in terms of the things she wants to do. Although its harder for her to get around now, she never missed a cheerleading competition, basketball game, awards ceremony, etc. for me or any of my cousins. She is seriously the best Grandma anyone could have!

Now for the bad news :(
After 16 years my Memama's ITP has returned.
By the time she got to her doctor yesterday her platelets were down to 15,000.
There are four new drugs to treat ITP that weren't around the last time she had it.
Today she is having a bone marrow test to rule out cancers and on Friday morning she will start an 8-week round of Chemo. It is given once a week for 5-6 hours, and as my Memama said "praise the Lord it's not the kind that makes your hair fall out or cause the severe nausea".
It's called Retuxin and is given for lymphoma and leukemia, but also works for ITP with pretty good results.

Surprisingly my Memama is in pretty good spirits about everything.
She says she is just grateful for the 16 extra years that she has already been given, because like I mentioned earlier we almost lost her several times.

So, if you think about it today just say a little prayer that my Memama gets through all of this..again

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

Adam and I celebrated 2 years of being together on valentine's day :-)
It was technically our third vday together though!
Last year we started a tradition of eating at an upscale steak house here in Athens called Porterhouse {which I always call Porterfield.. no idea why! Ha}
We decided to do vday on Sunday night since I had a night class on Monday.
It was a good idea because we were the ONLY people in the restaurant. & this place is normally PACKED!
We sat down and A pointed out that we had the SAME server as we did last year! Ha
Here are some pics throughout the last two years of me and my valentine!
our first pic Vday eve 2009
At a party after our first date Spring 2009
At one of A's friend's grad parties Spring 2009
At a friend's wedding Summer 2009
At a party Summer 2009

Day trip to the ATL Aquarium Summer 2009

Tybee Island, Summer 2009
First UGA game of the Fall 2009 season
UGA game fall 2009
Out to dinner at our local favorite, Chops & Hops Summer 2010
at a party Fall 2010
Christmas 2010
Me & Adam under the UGA arches Winter 2011
I love him :-)

"God is still God & God is still good"

I know a lot of people probably saw this video of Zac Smith a little while back while he was going through his battle with cancer...

Well, here is another video from his wife.. updating everyone on how they are doing. What an amazing family. Even in the midst of the worst heartache her and her family have ever been through, they still praise God.

To God be the glory!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just some questions and answers

I found these fun questions here and felt like answering them :-)

{Why did you create your blog?}
I had been reading other people's blogs for a while and just decided to start my own. I started it so that I could make a digital scrapbook, sort of. College years go by so fast so I thought it would be a fun way to look back on everything--but now that I've started I know I won't stop when I graduate :)

{What kind of blogs do you follow?}
People that I know in real life {like my bestie-Jessica}, people that I admire/want to be like when I "grow up", some of my favs are This Kind of Love, A Day in the Life, It's a Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes, and A Blonde Ambition!
fashion blogs {my fav being The Daybook.. this girl is amazing!}, makeup blogs {MakeupbyTiffanyD.. who also has a YouTube channel} interior decorating blogs, event planning blogs, really anything that I am interested in :)

{Favorite makeup brands?}
I am a huge make up junkie..
The products I use on a daily basis are:

For foundation I use Revlon Color Stay in the color 150 Buff, it's a good duplicate for Makeup Forever Matte Velvet+ {which I love, but there isn't a Sephora near here so I have to resort to drug store brands a lot}

then to set my foundation I use this translucent finisher

for blush I use Nars Orgasm blush

and right now I am using my Mac Studio Fix kind of as a bronzer. In the summers I don't wear foundation, I just wear this..

I use Urban Decay Primer Potion for my eye lid primer.. this stuff is amazing!!

I switch up my eye shadows a lot, but right now I am using this Too Faced Neutral Palette that I picked up at Sephora when we were in Vegas.. I love it!

& I also switch up my mascara A LOT, but currently I am using this Mary Kay Lengthening Mascara..
I bought it from my SIL just because she started selling MK & I wanted to help her out, but I actually ended up loving it!

and on my lips I don't like dark or bright colors,they just not do look good on me, at all...
so I just recently started wearing this Jemma Kidd lipstick, its the perfect nude color.. I love it!
it's in the color Belle Du Jour
{Favorite clothing brands?}
Forever 21, H&M, Ann Taylor Loft, The Gap, Target, and Jcrew

{Your indispensable makeup product?}
Chapstick! {does that count as makeup...?}

{Your favorite color?}
This changes ALL the time... but currently it's grey, since I just re-did my room in grey/yellow!

{Your perfume?}
Right now I'm switching between Vera Wang Princess and Mark Jacobs Daisy

{Favorite film?}
I am not a big movie person, AKL thinks this is my worst quality :/ I can't remember the movies that I've seen, I don't remember quotes, & I don't really care about going to the movies.. I rather watch a T.V. show :-)

{What country would you like to visit & why?}
Eeeek.. toughie, I want to visit every country in the world! The main one would definitely be China though, I've just always wanted to go there.

{Write your own question: What is your favorite food?}
Easy.. goldfish :-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm linking up with Jamie today for WILW :-)

Y'all will have to excuse me today--I don't have much that I'm loving, it's just been one of those weeks..

But here are a few things I am loving :-)

I am LOVING that Adam got the news yesterday that he was hired by UGA Athletics!
I was told to keep hush hush about exactly what he will be doing.. coaches don't like their employees to talk about it.
but let's just say this job is THE BOMB!

He will have an office in here...
The Butts-Mehre building! A.K.A. the football building ;-)

Very exciting!! So proud of you Adam!!
{THANK GOD you don't have to leave Athens now!!}

I am LOVING that it's almost Valentine's Day!
A & I decided we didn't want to get each other gifts this year...
but I really want to surprise him with something little, if y'all have ANY ideas please let me know.

I am LOVING that there are only FOUR more weeks until Spring Break..
Ahhh--I cannot WAIT!
I need some of this in my life...STAT

and finally, I am LOVING that I serve a God who is there for me and loves me, even when I feel like the world around me is falling apart

Remembering 1 Cor 10:13 this week...

"No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he'll never let you be pushed past your limit; he'll always be there to help you come through it." ~the message

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Macie!

Just wanted to wish my little cousin Macie Jade a happy fourth birthday!!!
I love you Mace, I hope you have a great day :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random~Happy Weekend!

Happy Saturday :-)
This is going to be a completely random post

~Me and Carolyne-Grace met Jessica and the two kids she babysits, Clark and Blakely, for lunch at Chickfila on Friday! We had so much fun with them!

~I got the Katy Perry Teenage Dream nail polish and I am in L.O.V.E!
When I bought it I had on Run with It from Sephora by O.P.I. so I just put Teenage Dream over it and I think it looks awesome-Perfect for Vday!

~A special Congratulations to one of my besties, Phoebe! Her niece was born on 2/2 :-)
Isn't she beautiful?!
*McCall Sinclair*
Being an Aunt is the BEST job in the world!

~I just had to show y'all these pics from my computer of me and CG..
It's so fun to see how fast she is growing!!!
This first one I think she was like a week old...
{I was home for the summer so that's my room at my parent's house}

I think she was probably 3-4 months old here...

and now my big girl is almost 7 months old!!

I love that child SO stinking much and I am so happy that I am her Aunt!!

~I finally finished re-doing my bedroom!
There was nothing wrong with it before, but I had been eyeing the grey & yellow bedding for a while and just decided I wanted to re-do everything :-)

When I first started I had a vision in my head, but it ended up looking NOTHING like what I had been thinking, but I'm glad because I LOVE IT!

Here is the before...

and now the after...

Gosh, pictures seriously don't do it justice. It's SO pretty in person..
maybe I will do a video room tour haha