Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I love him

It's Feb! & this month is dedicated to me and my lova!
Not only is it Vday month but it's also when our love story began...

heres our story:

We became friends when I was a freshman and he was a senior in high school, although neither of us is really sure how we even met....

I had a huge crush on him.

he thought I was too young.

he graduated and moved to athens.

4 years went by. we didn't talk anymore.

I graduated and moved to athens.

I forgot that he moved to athens.

roomie told me she saw him at a party the night before. I got excited.

on feb 11, 2009 I saw that he was on facebook chat.. so I chatted him.

we talked for a while and caught up. we made plans to meet up at a party that weekend. he asked for my number. I gave it to him. he told me he still had it. and my name in his phone was still jams

he texted the next night 'i better see you tomorrow'

I texted back 'you will'

next night i was a nervous wreck trying to find something to wear. roomies assured me that everything would be a-ok. and it was.

I wore a purple shirt and skinny jeans. turns out he didnt like skinny jeans. he told me before he realized I was wearing skinny jeans. he likes skinny jeans now.

we talked all night. we didnt go out. instead we went to my house. and talked. and talked. and talked.

it was perfect.

we picked up roomies from downtown.

he stayed the night.. totally breaking all rules

I didnt care.. because I didnt really like him like that .. yet.

we hung out everyday for weeks, months, years...

it took me a while but I fell for that boy. I fell hard.

now I love him.

and he loves me.

we are soul mates.


  1. I love a good love story! What a sweeet one ya'll have! Yall are so cute!

  2. Precious! I have been wanting to hear yalls story :)

  3. I read ya'lls story back in the summer when I found your blog and it is just so sweet! Y'all are such a precious couple! Have a happy "love story month" together! :)