Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine

Adam and I celebrated 2 years of being together on valentine's day :-)
It was technically our third vday together though!
Last year we started a tradition of eating at an upscale steak house here in Athens called Porterhouse {which I always call Porterfield.. no idea why! Ha}
We decided to do vday on Sunday night since I had a night class on Monday.
It was a good idea because we were the ONLY people in the restaurant. & this place is normally PACKED!
We sat down and A pointed out that we had the SAME server as we did last year! Ha
Here are some pics throughout the last two years of me and my valentine!
our first pic Vday eve 2009
At a party after our first date Spring 2009
At one of A's friend's grad parties Spring 2009
At a friend's wedding Summer 2009
At a party Summer 2009

Day trip to the ATL Aquarium Summer 2009

Tybee Island, Summer 2009
First UGA game of the Fall 2009 season
UGA game fall 2009
Out to dinner at our local favorite, Chops & Hops Summer 2010
at a party Fall 2010
Christmas 2010
Me & Adam under the UGA arches Winter 2011
I love him :-)


  1. Cute pictures! Congrats on 2 years ( 3 valentines day's! )

  2. I have discovered yor blog!!!
    very very cute!!!