Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh this poor bloggy has been so neglected lately.
I am so busy that when I actually am at home I am so tired that I just don't even have the energy to blog.

So what have I been up to this past week, you ask!?

Here's some randomness of what this girl has been doing!

~I've spent lots of time sitting in this :/

~I've gotten to spend some time with this cutie :-)
Who, by the way, is saying 3 words now at the ripe ole age of 7-months {mama, dada & bye-bye}
She's a genius I tell ya..
& she got two teefers this week!!!
{this pic is from last Sunday & they were barely they're all the way in!}

~I've been lusting over this {& I will probably buy it before Spring Break!}

~I've also been LOVING this Spring weather we've been having..
Hello sundresses, shorts & open-toed shoes!
..for now at least, apparently there's a cold front coming in soon..
But today we took full advantage of the weather & the girls went to the park while the boys did boy stuff {a.k.a. watched the Georgia Basketball game}
I LOVE living so close to home so that I can spend time with them so much :-)

This girl is so crazy.. she loves being flipped!!
She will throw her head back when I'm holding her so that I'll flip her..

Carolyne-Grace and her Mama!

CG & Shug

So that's what I've been up to.. nothing too crazy, ha
AKL is picking me up later for drinks & dinner at our local fave, Chops & Hops.. then hopefully he will watch a movie with me while I study :(

Hopefully next week will be a better bloggy week for me!


  1. just came across your blog and it's so cute and pink! great post hun! oxoxo

  2. I bought that bathing suit last week, just got it yesterday. It's as cute in person as it is online :)