Thursday, February 24, 2011

Play Kitchen for the Babe

For months now my sister-in-law and I have been searching for the perfect piece of furniture to turn into a play kitchen for Carolyne-Grace.

Finally.. the other day I was driving to my parent's house and passed by our local "Odds & Ends" & noticed a piece out front that would be PERFECT! So today after work, Chelsea and I stopped by. We decided if it was less than $30 then we would get it. Turns out it was $20... so we raced home and got my dad's truck, went back & they loaded her up in the back and we were on our way & SUPER excited about our purchase!

We got home and told Carolyne-Grace what we had bought and how Aunt Jamie and Mommy were going to get her some felt food to go inside her new kitchen and a stool because she won't quite be tall enough and an apron with her name on it.. To which she responded with this face.. {because she was so surprised at their great ideas!}

{ok, not this exact pic, but she did make this face!}

We have great plans for this beauty who lives in my parent's basement for the time being...

We plan to give it to CG for her first birthday {in July} so we have a lot of time to work on it!

I'm so excited that we finally found the perfect piece & I plan on documenting our transformation so y'all can all see :-)

Hope everyones having a GREAT Thursday!!


  1. What a great idea! Creating new treasure is the ultimate way to recycle. I cannot wait to see the finished kitchen for baby CG!

  2. How adorable! Can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

  3. She is such a cutie. And that's awesome that ya'll are going to make a kitchen for her!
    I gave you an award today! Go check it out.

  4. just came across your blog! it's seriously so great! seriously what a cutie!

  5. i just started reading your blog, so I'm not sure who that baby is (niece?) but she is absolutely adorable!