Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Happy Wednesday!

I am linking up with Jamie for WILW :-)

1. I am LOVING my new blog design--exactly what I was looking for!

2. I am LOVING that so many of y'all left comments and sent emails asking me questions-ha, it was thanks!

3. I am LOVING that this friday I am having a party at my apartment for me and my friend Mary Ashley's birthdays... All our close girl friends are coming up early and we're all going to dinner then everyone else will be coming over later for drinks before we venture out in the cold to the bars indowntown athens. Can't wait!!

4. I am LOVING that I haven't had too busy of a week.. thank goodness because I am still suffering from major jet lag!! Errrg

5. I am LOVING that its FAVORITE cold month!!

6. I am LOVING the Katy Perry nail polish line...
There isn't an Ulta in Athens so today I will be driving to the Mall of Georgia to snag Teenage Dream!

7. I am LOVING the Lilly Valentines prints... this one is the background on my phone :-)

8. AND finally, I am LOVING my sweet lova. We will be celebrating our 2 yr anniversary this month :-)

hehe babies on our first date!!!


  1. that is the cutest nail polish! love it!

  2. I went to UGA, too! I miss Athens and my college days! Cute blog!

  3. I am dying to get the new Katy Perry nail polish! And that Lilly background is perfect!

  4. Love the nail polish! I totally may have to do that for Valentine's Day!

  5. I love that nail polish! It's so perfect for Valentine's DAy!!

  6. Love the nail polish! & your blog it too cute ♥

  7. That nail polish color is great. I'm going to get it sometime soon. Does the Katy Perry line have a lot of colors or just a couple? Confessions of a Twenty-Something posted about this color from her line too...

  8. Great loves! The polish is awesome!

  9. You are loving some great things :) I love the new layout and the nail polish! That polish is so Valentine's Dayish!

  10. Thanks for playing along!

    That nail polish is so fun!