Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I hope everyone is having a GREAT Wednesday!
I know I sure am :-)
I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am LOVING so much today!

1-I am LOVING that I got to sleep in today.. I got some MUCH needed sleep & I am seriously thinking about taking a nap when I finish this post haha

2- I am LOVING that I have finally been able to get into the tanning bed at my apartment!
We have a free tanning bed, but you have to call & make an appointment and with Spring Break coming up every girl at The Exchange is trying to take advantage of the tb!!

3- I am LOVING that I am going to the beach next week for my cousin's 25th birthday!
Her boyfriend has a house in Destin so some of the fam is going down there to celebrate. We're leaving Wednesday and coming back Sunday

4- I am LOVING that the week after Destin it will be SPRING BREAK !! I am going to New Orleans with some of my BEST BEST BEST friends! THEN I may be heading down to FL with Adam for Braves spring training :-)

5- I am LOVING that last night me and the roomies ordered pizza for only $4.99 and watched the Amanda Knox Lifetime movie {which I didn't love but whatever} & then we watched Real Housewives of Miami.. I think I am going to love this season {NOT as much as my girls from Bev Hills, OC, & NJ...} These Miami women are LOONEY TUNES!!!

6- I am LOVING that Real Housewives of OC comes back on SOON!
{Can you tell me and the roomies LOVE reality tv!?}

7-I am LOVING that this is one of the easiest semesters I've ever had in college {I may be eating my words when the work load picks up after spring break but right now things are going GREAT!}

8- & finally I am LOVING this sweet sweet man...
He is so good to me :-)


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    You're loving SO many great things :)

    Have lots of fun at the beach!

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  3. You have lots of great loves today! I'm jealous you're going to the beach!! Have a blast!

  4. I am excited to watch the Housewives from last night... but I'm with you- def more excited for OC!