Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Times, Great Oldies!

One of my long time bestie's, Katie, put some old pics on facebook and I just had to share them with y'all..
It's so funny to look back and remember fun times.
I have had the same group of close girl friends for a LONG time.. some since 1st grade and others since 6th grade..

So here's a look back through the years...

First.. I am not in this picture, but all of these people have been my friends for forever.
Funny story behind this pic.. Katie put hearts around her and Austin {You can sort of see them} & she drew a booger with a gel pen on Liza {girl on the left} because she thought she liked Austin!!
Hahaha such a typical elementary school thing to do!

Me & Katie in 6th grade on our way to Camp Woodland.. the Christian camp that we all went to every summer! Miss that place!!!

I'm not really sure where this was but I know we were in mid school

10th grade before the football game.. ohhh middle part :/

That's me over there on the left on my sidekick3... remember those phones?! We were all obsessed with them!

Our fav place to go for Spring Break~Largo Mar in Panama City

I'm pretty sure I remember we were building a penis & boobs in the sand... yup, typical 9th {??} graders!

9th grade spring break.. :-)

11th grade spring break!

Another spring break trip {we went together EVERY year for as long as I can remember}

Senior student/faculty softball game.. all my friendies in the front row!
{I remember we were all late for comp cheer practice and got in huge trouble...whooops!}

Us with our Sports Med teacher {a.k.a. the class you take senior year because coach al is old and didnt make you do anything and let you leave to go get chickfila!}

These were our prom shirts.. they said {on the front} "Don't hate us because we're beautiful" {on the back} "Hate us because our dates are!" With a pic of our dates.. Hahaha! Our group of friends made shirts for homecoming and prom and they always had funny sayings on them.. One of my favorite memories from high school.

10th grade when 2 of our friends went to another school's prom.. that's me in the green jacket.. I remember thinking I looked so cute in that outfit.. haha oh Lord...

Hope y'all enjoyed those crazy pics!!!
I promise we look a lot more normal now ;-)

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