Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Last week was spring break and I spent the first weekend in New Orleans with friends {see post below} & the second part of SB was spent with Adam in South Florida at Braves spring training! We had so much fun together.. it was so relaxing & exciting at the same time. We were in Palm Beach for two days and Orlando for three. We got tons of autographs & great pictures--Can't wait to go back next year!

Freddie Freeman

David Ross

Eric Hinske

I am so glad I don't have class until tonight because I have a few things coming in the mail today that i can't wait to get!!
I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store when we were in Palm Beach and they were out of the planner I wanted so I ordered it & it should be here today! :-)
This should also be arriving today--like I've mentioned before there isn't a Sephora in Athens.. the closest one is about an hour away & it's just hard to get to it as often as I would like to so I end up ordering a lot of stuff online, which actually works out because I can get it off eBay for much cheaper.. I got this for only $4.00!

And probably the thing I am most exciting about.. a new battery for my macbook! I've needed one for MONTHS but just couldn't make myself fork over the $150.00 {My computer works if I have it plugged into the charger...} But my friend gave me the name of a seller on eBay who sells them for $35.00!!
The BEST part about my whole spring break was spending this past weekend with my family :-)

Me & my brother

And on Sunday my brother got baptized!!!! :-)
I am so happy for him and proud of the great decisions he is making for himself and for his family--I know his wife and daughter are so proud of him!

~Happy Monday Y'all~


  1. Jamie..So glad that Brett is turning things around :) such a blessing from the big man upstairs yay!! I love you and we need to have a lunch or dinner date this week !

  2. That is so amazing for your brother-- that God is working in his life that way. His daughter is gorgeous :)

    I love your Lily planner! So bright and cheery..

    New follower, please stop on by..

  3. That is so AWESOME about your brother being baptized!!!! Your niece is just SO cute! Glad you had such a fun spring break girlie :)

  4. We went to a Braves spring training game a few years ago and had the best time!

    I'm so happy for your brother...what a wonderful decision he has made!

  5. I cannot believe you got that makeup for 4 bucks! amazing! And yay for you brother! <3