Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

**Happy Monday!**
I'm linking up with Carissa today for Miscellany Monday :-)

Yesterday I finally got to meet some bloggy friends!!!
{People probably thought we were nutso having a photo shoot before church}
I am so glad Jessica and I finally got to meet Leslie and Ally!
Such a small world~ but w/o our blogs we prob would have never met one another!

Miss Carolyne-Grace had her Easter pics taken yesterday~they turned out so good!
I may be a little biased but my niece is the cutest babe EVER!!

This Friday is Adam's 24th birthday!
So were packing up and heading down to Tybee for the weekend with some friends
Can't wait for another weekend getaway.. hopefully the weather cooperates.
It's nasty here in Athens today :(

My Dad's truck was broken into {IN OUR FREAKING DRIVEWAY} over the weekend.. among the things that were taken was my makeup bag.. I had been with my family the day before and accidently left it in there. Now everything is gone :( I know it's just makeup... but there was a lot of nice {expensive} things in there.. now I have to waste money to buy all new stuff.. SO frustrating. We live in a small, SAFE, town.. It just scares me that someone was in my parents driveway while they were asleep inside.. People are so evil sometimes..

Speaking of EVIL people.. our town was hit with a massive tragedy this past week.
Everything started on Tuesday when a man {Jamie Hood} hijacked a car and put the driver in the truck. The driver eventually escaped and was able to call the police. When the police spotted Hood and his brother later that day they attempted to pull them over. In the midst of them trying to pull them over Hood shot and killed Police Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and severely wounded Officer Tony Howard. The brother was arrested, but Hood got away. This turned into an all out manhunt for 4 days. Police discovered Hood had taken nine people hostage in an apartment in Athens. Hood finally surrendered Friday night on LIVE TELEVISION (click for video).. It was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. {He wanted to surrender on Live TV so they couldn't kill him} It has been a stressful week in our town..everyone has been on pins and needles not knowing where Hood was.

Yesterday Officer Christian was laid to rest (click for video). His funeral was held at the Classic Center.. which is also where I go to church. Coming out of church yesterday it was so overwhelming to see the 100's of police men and women there to show their support. Our city lined the streets as his processional went through the heart of Athens.

Sorry to leave y'all on such a sad note.. :/
I just want y'all to be praying for Buddy's wife and 2 babies...
& also pray for the sick minded people of Athens who felt it was right to start a facebook fan page for Jamie Hood. {If you have time please report this site to facebook}


  1. Cute cute Easter picture of your precious niece! I can't believe your make-up was stolen. Of all things! So sad to read about Officer Christian. It made the news here. You're right and its unfortunate but true - there are people in the world who are just mean and evil.


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  2. SO neat you got to meet leslie and ally! Hopefully, i'll get to meet them too one day soon! carolyne-grace's easter pix's are to die for- she's gorgeous! oh - em - gee!!! Hope you get to go to Tybee for the weekend and the rain holds off! so sorry to hear about your dads car broken into , some people are AWFUL and just dont think plus evil! Glad everyone is okay though! that is CRAZY about the policemans funeral with all the people going to it. So glad they caught the guy though! Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. I'm so glad we were able to finally meet each other! It really is SUCH a small world! :) And leaving church was incredibly heartwarming with all of the people lining the streets with flags. My heart breaks for the Christian family, and especially his sweet children. And my goodness, I cannot believe someone started a facebook page supporting Jamie Hood. People are idiots. I've already reported it! Happy Monday girl!

  4. Just stopping by from Miscellany Monday! Such a cute picture of your niece! And how exciting to meet bloggy friends :)

  5. Your niece IS beautiful! Love the Easter picture! I am so sorry to hear of all the negative things happening in Athens right now! I'm sorry about your dad's truck being broken into and your makeup being stolen. I'm most sorry though for the officers and their families who were shattered due to Jamie Hood! I'll be praying for peace in your community and healing for the families!

  6. I am in Augusta and heard about all that craziness. I am sorry that it happened in your town. My main office is in Athens and they were in the parking lot looking for the guy! SCARY!