Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1~I am LOVING that Adam and I got to spend the entire day together! We started our day by eating breakfast together at Waffle House.. then we took the longest nap of my life--it was amazing!-- then we went to dinner at new seafood place, it was alright, then we rounded out our day together by going to the Georgia baseball game! SO thankful for days like today when all we have to do is be together :-)

2~I am LOVING that when I looked at my planner today I realized just how close I am to being done with this semester!!

3~I am LOVING that I will start getting to work a lot more once school is out..

4~Which brings me to something else I am LOVING.. I am LOVING that I will finally be able to save enough money to get the speedy 35 I have been wanting! ((It's much easier to work when you have a big purchase on your mind!))

5~I am LOVING that the latest deal on Athens Daily Deals was for a dog grooming salon.. Miss Lexie needs her hair done..BAD.. so I am calling tomorrow to make her an appt! I am also calling to make an appt for me to get highlights! :-)

6~I am LOVING the color of my nails, Essie-Ballet Slippers!

Well, that's about it! Hope y'all had a great Wednesday!


  1. Essie ballet slippers is such a pretty color! Essie makes a lot of beautiful pinks!

    Glad your semester is almost over as well! And I totally agree - its much easier to work when you have a treat for yourself to look forward to!

  2. Oh I love the Speedy 35!!! :)

  3. So jealous of that handbag you'll be getting!

  4. You have so much to be loving! so glad you got to spend the day with your love and cant wait to see the highlights on your hair! i'm sure you'll look gorgeous as always! hope lexie likes her new "do" haircut at the grooming salon! hooray for more hours of working, less school so you can buy things you want :)

  5. Thanks for playing along!

    Your day with Adam sounds like so much fun :)