Monday, April 18, 2011


Oh hi.. did you forget I existed? Yeah, I am the worst blogger ever...

Ugh, seriously.. it feels like it's been SO long since I've even had time to think about blogging (ok, it's only been like 10 days but STILL!!)
In between school, working & just life has been OOC!
I have had project after project AFTER PROJECT.. ((Story of an Education major's life..right?!))
Luckily, the worst is over & this semester is 2 weeks away from being OUT OF MY LIFE! :-)
*I promise to get back into this soon now that all the craziness is almost over!

SO to get back into the swing of things I'm linking up for Miscellany Monday!

~This weekend I went shopping with my sister-in-law & I picked up this cute mirrored jewelry box from Target. I have been eyeing it for a while & finally decided to buy it!

I love that it matches all the mirrored stuff in my bedroom :-)

~I am really wanting to add some blonde(ish) into my hair for summer.. here's what I'm thinking, what do y'all think?!

images from here

~I'm stopping by Sephora on my way to class today to pick up some more lipstick.. I'm sure I'll leave with a few more goodies.. always do! :-)

~I got two new candles this weekend from Wally World.. L.O.V.E. them.. PERFECT springy/summery smells...

this one is in my room


& I couldn't find a picture of the other one but it's called Peach & Mango and smells SO good!

Have a great Monday y'all!


  1. I love new candles! and I love the mirrored drawers you have in your room! Me and my mom were just looking at some at Pier 1 this weekend!

  2. I love that jewelry box from Tarjay and have been looking at it too. They also have a mirror night stand and I seriously want it. My aunts friend has a huuuuge mirrored dresser that is gorg. Which brings me to ask where did you get your mirrored chest of drawers/lingerie cabinet/ whatever you call it!

  3. I love that jewelry box! I may have to play copycat and go get it...

  4. mhm, i have a hard time resisting candles, especially when seasons change!
    your room is so pretty...and neat! i'm impressed and i love your bedding

  5. That jewelry box is super cute!

  6. i think you would look good w/some blonde highlights girlie.

    that mirror jewerly box is too cute for words from target.

    hooray for school to be almost over :)

    candles are always great to have and keep it smelling good!

    it seems you've been busy busy but i always love when im busy , im the happiest ha ha strange but true!

    hang in there girl . chin up. finish strong on these last few weeks of classes at college :)

  7. Love the jewelry box! I've been a bad blogger as well...the life of a triple social science major!

  8. You're majors are always having projects! I remember them well!

    Your mirrored jewelry box is co pretty :)

  9. I hear ya on the's finals week for me and I STILL somehow have projects! Good luck with all of them! I know how crazy it can be!! But when we are great teachers it will be worth it....right? :)

  10. Projects, projects, PROJECTS! I completely understand!

  11. Welcome back! I know how you feel about projects, projects, and more projects! Hang in there - the semester is almost over.

    Your room is super cute. Love your new jewelry box and I love that you wear Vera Wang Princess perfume - its my favorite!