Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Recap!

I had a great weekend, spent mostly with the fam :-)

Friday~ I did something I never NEVER neevveerrrr thought I would do...

me and my brother got tattoos together!!

last time with a plain wrist, ahhhh

at this point I was dying~it hurt so much worse than I thought it would

& the finished product! I absolutely love it & am so glad I got it!!

ha, my faces are awful--but it hurt so bad!
My brother got the same thing but on his forearm and in black.

I have always said I would NEVER get a tattoo unless it was meaningful to me.
My brother is all about tattoos so this was something that we could do together & it meant so much to him that his "wimpy" sister would do this with him.

I like that I got it light blue because it is not very noticeable and can easily be covered by my watch or bracelets.

Saturday~ Adam and I went to the Georgia baseball game. It was perfect weather outside & I loved being in the sunshine!!

Sunday~We went to church this morning & then to brunch with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, & Carolyne-Grace.. Then I came home and took the best nap ever. Woke up & had just started studying when my dad called and asked if A and I wanted to meet them for dinner.. SO we went & had pizza with them!

...& here I am now looking like a hot mess, drowning in study guides :(
**ONLY 2 more tests, 2 more assignments, & 2 finals until Summer!**

OH & I got highlights on Thursday, Love them!! :-)

~Hope everyone else had a great weekend!!~


  1. Your tattoo is pretty! I have too low of pain tolerance to ever get one! That's neat you and your brother did it together! Good luck finishing up with school! I love your highlights! :)

  2. Very cute! I don't think I could have handled it.. I am such a wuss.

  3. love yourhighlights and your tattoo!

  4. your highlights look fabulous on you girl! glad you had a fun weekend spent with family and A too! so sweet of you to get a tatoo with your brother! good luck on finals and end of semester, praying and sending lots of good luck to finish strong :)

  5. Cute tattoo! I got one on my foot a couple years ago and it hurt soooo bad! I will never get one again haha!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend :)

    That's sweet that you and your bro got matching tattoos!