Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hey y'all!
I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW :-)

I am LOVING this video...
The Bert Show in Atlanta had the couple on this morning & they are so cute!
That is one lucky lucky lady!

I am LOVING that the weather is supposed to warm back up, it had been so COLD in Georgia this week!

I am LOVING my brother & sister-in-law have started planning Carolyne-Grace's 1st birthday party! I can't believe she is almost one...

I am LOVING that I am home from work, in bed, & about to take a nap :-)

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. So cute! Definitely teared up!

  2. That video is the cutest thing ever! I saw it last night on the news! Sooo sweet! And I'm loving that the weather is supposed to warm up too! I've been freezing!

  3. Saw that video on Facebook earlier! Sent creative tips to the boyfriend. Haha!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love that video! That was so sweet!

  5. I love that video! So sweet!

  6. Thanks for playing along!

    I LOVE that video :)

    You're has been chilly here for May!

  7. Love, love, love that video!

  8. LOVE that video! I saw it last night , so sweet! So exciting Carolyne-Grace is almost 1 , time flies :) Hope you enjoyed your nap girl! Um I seriously hope the weather warms up, im freezing my beeehind off in middle of may haha! :) it better! Have a good day!