Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a Weekend!

Wooo! This past weekend was one for the record books. Seriously probably the busiest weekend I've had in a LONG time.

~Friday I got to see all of my high school friends! Even though we've all moved on and are doing different things, these are the girls that I have known the longest and know that I will always be friends with them!

We got together to honor and celebrate our friend Breanna and he
r fiance, Sean. We had so much fun just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

Breanna and Sean got some great gifts and I am so excited for them!! Sean just graduated from the Air Force Academy and moved to Texas on Saturday~Bree will be joining him once she graduates this December.. It's still so weird having friends old enough to do such "grown up" things!!

Me & A's gift to the couple--still so embarrassed that the monogram is wrong. Oh well at least it's the right letters! Ha!

~On Saturday Adam and I attended not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties!

First up was a party for A's cousins little girl, Kendall! We celebrated her 6th birthday by having a little party with all of A's family :-) It was so much fun, I just love his family!!

We only got to stay for about an hour because we had to drive an hour down the road for a cookout with my family to celebrate all of the "July birthdays" We hung out for about an hour there as well then left for our third party of the day...

We met up with 3 other couples and took a limo to Atlanta for our friend Clayton's birthday. His fiance, Kayla, surprised him with the limo and dinner at Fogo De Chao. Dinner was AMAZING. For someone who is not much of a red meat eater I was a little nervous because that is basically ALL they have, plus some chicken. The way it works is that you pay a set price and these guys come around with different types of meat, they cut it off right onto your plate! It is a really fun place~ ((We always went there for prom/homecoming in high school))

After dinner we still had the limo for a while so we got him to take us to the Sun Dial!
I can't believe this was my first time there. I had been to the hotel for prom but never up to the top.
To get up there you take a glass elevator up 70-something floors.. it's so neat to see all of Atlanta!!

I wish I had pictures from Saturday, but I didn't bring my camera so I'm still waiting for some of the girls to upload their pictures~

On Sunday I spent almost 5 hours at church. I got there around 8:45 to help in the middle school room~checking kids in & selling t-shirts, then I went to the 11:15 service and didn't end up leaving the church until almost 1. Once I left I met my mom at Loft to get some "teacher clothes" I'll be at an elementary school 2 and a half days a week this year so I really need some new stuff! They were having an awesome sale but unfortunately I only left with one shirt because I liked SO much stuff! *hate when that happens*
~That afternoon we had a family reunion with my dad's side of the family. It was great to see everyone!

..Now I feel like I have just written the longest, most boring, post ever.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

I'm linking up with The Little Things We Do for Fill in the blank Friday!!

So so so HAPPY that its finally FRIDAY :-)

1) One of my happiest moments ever was... being baptized in a lake with all of my friends on a church retreat and then fire works went off :-) Very cool moment.

haha kind of a silly looking picture but I'm glad I have this moment captured forever.

2) Summer is wedding season and weddings are...THE BEST THING EVER!! I love weddings! A and I have already gone to a few this summer and have a couple more this fall..and already some for next year :-)

3) This summer...has been one of the best ever! I am working, but my schedule is flexible (as in I go when I want), I'm not taking any classes, & I have been beach or pool side most of the time with my best friends!

4) My summer food of choice has been...fresh pineapple, strawberries & FRUIT NACHOS! (See here to learn about fruit nachos)

5) My summer uniform has been...victoria's secret bikini.. pretty much every day!

6) If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose...anywhere that has a beach!

7) My summer anthem is...the entire new Colbie Caillat CD.. fav song is Brighter than the Sun..

~Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'll be back Monday with a weekend recap!~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey y'all! Happy Wednesday~ Thank goodness this week is already half way over.. Friday cannot get here soon enough!

Here are a few things I'm loving today..

Yesterday I watched this babe all day~such a diva. She rode around Target like this, ha!

~While we were at Target I saw the cutest bib ever.. If I had a child I would so have this. I probably should have bought it and just crossed out 'Mommy's' and put 'Aunt's' HA! ;-)

~I am LOVING that I have gotten back into running recently. I have been getting up {pretty much} every morning at 6am! I am obsessed with running clothes so I have gone crazy this week buying new gear~but it's worth it!! Next up are NEW SHOES!

I am LOVING this water bottle.. it is PERFECT for after long runs in this crazy hot Georgia weather

~I am LOVING that Adam and I have a busy weekend ahead..
Friday we are going to an engagement party for one of my besties, Breanna & her soon-to-be hubby, Sean! Look at the sneak peak of their engagement pics.. SO CUTE!!!
*their pictures were taken by one of my friends EXTREMELY talented younger brothers.. check out his facebook page, he's so good & he's STILL IN HIGHSCHOOL!

~& finally I am loving this cute wine glass I made for Breanna!


Monday, July 18, 2011

~My Weekend~

~Happy Monday friends!
I hope y'all had a great weekend :-)

We started our weekend early on Thursday.
Dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Athens, Picantes!

Then we stuck around downtown and had a few drinks.
It was a pretty slow night.. the fact that it's summer mixed with the Harry Potter Premier meant NO ONE was out~ haha!

Me, Jess, & Jen

My Guy!


When we got back we made some snackies..

~ants on a log!

~And FRUIT NACHOS!! Our favorite!
*sliced apples
*melted peanut butter
*graham cracker crumbs

On Friday Adam and I headed towards Atlanta to stay with his best friend (and ex roommate) Andy who just moved into a new house close to the school he teaches at.

We had a wedding to go to Friday night...

It was a fun wedding.. even though this happened!
~One of A's friends had a leeeeetle too much to drink ;-)

~Saturday might as well have been a national holiday! It was Carolyne-Grace's first birthday AND my mama's birthday too!
~My SIL's grandfather is not doing good & has been on life support all week so I got to spend the day with CG while my brother and Chelsea were at the hospital :(
~We went to see my mom in ATL & then met my dad for dinner!
Carolyne-Grace had her first restaurant meal!

Since my SIL was busy with all the hospital stuff she wasn't able to go to church so I spent the night and got CG ready and took her with me..
~All ready for church with Aunt J!

After church Jessica and I played with CG all afternoon..
She played in her pool and with her new PINK t-ball set my dad got her!

TOO CUTE wearing her tutu bathing suit!!

All in all it was a busy but FUN weekend!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey y'all! I'm linking up with Jamie today for WILW :-)

I hope y'all have had a great week~can't believe we're already half way through July..depressing!!

Here are a few things I'm LOVING today...

~I'm LOVING that Jess & I took the sweet kids that she nannies to the pool on Monday.. they were so much fun! And since they were so good Miss Jessica even got them some ice cream afterwards ;-)

~I'm also LOVING that I'm about to meet them at the pool again today!

~I am LOVING that Adam and I have yet another wedding to attend on Friday! I love weddings & I love being with A's friends!!

Brandon & Lisa

~I am LOVING that my mom & my niece's birthdays are on Saturday!
Still can't believe that CG was born 3 wks early ON my mom's birthday.. she must have really wanted to share that day with her Shug! Ha

~And of course I am LOVING this sweet, BUSY, man!! Adam has been working so much lately, which I am thankful for but it's going to be a long football season of not seeing him much!! Luckily he is a sweet guy & is finding time to take me to dinner tonight :-)

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A FUN Summer Weekend!

This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a while!

For the past few weeks me and my sister-in-law and mom have been going nuts getting ready for my niece's first birthday party!!

~And finally on Saturday it was time to celebrate!!~

Can't believe this little diva will be a year old on the 16th..

Her party was SO much fun!!

She had TONS of guests... mostly family & a few friends!

My grandma, me (I am holding Carolyne-Grace's boyfriend, Brayden!) Brayden's Gma and his Aunt Kaley :-)

Sweet Aunt Jessie and CG

Birthday bathing suit!

My brother, CG's Nana (Chelsea's mom) Chelsea, & CG!

This girl LOVED her some cake.. she was hilarious eating her smash cake!

After her party I headed back to my home town to meet some friends for dinner!

We were celebrating one of my longest and best friends, Phoebe's 21st birthday!

Sunday was filled with doing host team for the middle school service & attending the 11:15 service then lunch with friends!

Later that night a few of us headed to Jessica's house to cook dinner & hang out.. We ended up going to play a little night tennis!

Jess & Ry ;-)

Me & A

Ready to play!! ((I sucked...I literally hit 15 balls over the fence))

Jessica & Jen!

*Such a FUN Summer weekend!! Can't believe summer is almost over.. seriously don't want to talk about the fact that I go back to school in a month.. ugh*

Hope y'alls weekend was as great as mine!