Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey y'all! I'm linking up with Jamie today for WILW :-)

I hope y'all have had a great week~can't believe we're already half way through July..depressing!!

Here are a few things I'm LOVING today...

~I'm LOVING that Jess & I took the sweet kids that she nannies to the pool on Monday.. they were so much fun! And since they were so good Miss Jessica even got them some ice cream afterwards ;-)

~I'm also LOVING that I'm about to meet them at the pool again today!

~I am LOVING that Adam and I have yet another wedding to attend on Friday! I love weddings & I love being with A's friends!!

Brandon & Lisa

~I am LOVING that my mom & my niece's birthdays are on Saturday!
Still can't believe that CG was born 3 wks early ON my mom's birthday.. she must have really wanted to share that day with her Shug! Ha

~And of course I am LOVING this sweet, BUSY, man!! Adam has been working so much lately, which I am thankful for but it's going to be a long football season of not seeing him much!! Luckily he is a sweet guy & is finding time to take me to dinner tonight :-)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Have fun at dinner tonight!! :)

  2. happy early birthday to your niece and mom and i hope you have a wonderful wendnesday :)

  3. Cute pictures!! Those pool/ice cream pictures are adorable!

  4. Looks like those sweet kids had a great time at the pool! Hope you have a fabulous dinner tonight! xoxo

  5. I LOVE that CG calls your Mama Shug!! So sweet! Have fun at that wedding!

  6. You are the absolute best Jamie. I couldn't ask for a better friend (: !!!!! Love you

  7. Thanks for playing along!

    You're loving some great things this week :) Hope you had fun at supper!

  8. I just discovered your blog through WILW on This Kind of Love!super cute blog :)

    I am your newest follower :)

    I am having a giveaway on my blog! Come check it out & enter to win! :)

  9. You and your guy are adorable! hope you had a great dinner :)

    i am your newest follower :)

    p.s love your hair!

  10. Love the ice cream photos! ADORABLE!

  11. Love your 'loves'! So sweet. :)
    New follower of your blog!!