Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Just Something I've Always Wanted to do...

This week as I've started back to school I have been challenged with the question of why I want to be a teacher. this is something that my professors always seem to ask on the first day. my answer is typically something along the lines of "it's just something i've always wanted to do..." and that is the truth, but there's much more to the story than just that.

(some of the people in my 1st grade class after performing a play)

I thought I would share a little bit with y'all about exactly WHY I have chosen to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education.

(Me and another student, Ryan, during writing time)

You see, when I was in 1st grade I was given one the best gifts I have EVER received. That gift was a 21-year old UGA graduate, first year teacher.

(Eating lunch in the classroom~that's me in the cheerleading uniform!)

A little background info: In Kindergarten I was tested for the gifted program (Focus). I passed the test and was admitted. Fast forward to first grade and I began a new school (due to some re-districting and a new elem school that was built). The principal wanted to try something new~she wanted to have all the gifted students be in one class--in other words, instead of being taken out to go to Focus for part of the day they would have a teacher who was certified to teach gifted.

(A few students *i'm in yellow* eating lunch in the classroom)

I still to this day remember meeting Miss Sherrill for the first time. She was the most beautiful women I had even seen. I still remember sitting on the little couch to have my picture taken. (still not sure why I'm not looking at the camera..ha!)

Over the course of the year she taught us all SO much. there is truly no way to put into words how it felt to be one of "Sherrill's Superstars". We were constantly being challenged and doing things well beyond our 6 yr old brains. One of my favorite things about her class was our "mini-society". Everyone in the class had a job (I was the art gallery owner, haha!) and we all worked together to make our town work. We all had checkbooks and received pay checks. If we wanted to go to the clinic we had to pay a co-pay, if we got in trouble we had to go to court (and if you did something really bad there would be a jury and a judge). ~Miss Sherrill always joked about how I would write people checks to clean out my desk!~ On Friday's we would have "restaurant" and there would be hosts, waiters and waitresses, cooks, and customers. We would get to go to the computer lab and find recipes we wanted to cook. She knew how to make learning fun.

here I am on one of those fridays...

At the end of our first grade year I can remember being SO sad that I wouldn't be in Miss Sherrill's class the next year and that all my friends wouldn't be with me (we were more like a family...) AND THEN.. Miss S announced to us that she would be moving up with us : ) So we got to all be together for another year! 2nd grade is when I decided I wanted to be a teacher so that I could be just like Miss S. and I have never changed my mind since.

(Eating lunch before going to see "Cats" at The Fox Theatre)

After teaching us in 2nd grade Miss S "retire
d" from teaching to go back to school. A few degrees later she now teaches education law at George Washington University and is still the most amazing person I know. To this day we all still talk to Miss S. And every year I still look forward to her sending me a birthday and Christmas card (more like a Christmas letter where she tells us briefly what she did every
(Some students after our Christmas performance)

I know teachers like Miss Sherrill are one in a million but I will try my hardest to be as effective, loving, and caring as she was when I finally have my own classroom. So long story short, I want to be a teacher because if I can make ONE child feel the way Miss S made ME feel about learning then I will know I have done a good job.

(Wearing one of Miss S's old dance dresses~spend the night party at her apartment with all the girls in the class)
(Wearing our halloween costumes at school~even though we weren't supposed to Miss S snuck and let us do it any way ;-) )

In 2008 we all graduated from high school and guess who was there!
She came all the way from DC to see us graduate :-)
I'm sure it was a proud moment for her.
Now this year (and next.. haha 5 yr plan for me) some of us will be graduating from college and I can bet you a million dollars she will be at each and every one of them!
(at graduation~may 2008)

~I can't wait to be a teacher!~


  1. I.LOVE.THIS!!! It hurts my heart when teachers aren't 100% passionate about the kids they teach and what they do. Your passion just poured through this post! I know you're going to be such an inspiring teacher one day!

  2. this is what it's all about! I love that she is still involved in your life! :) I hope that my students feel the same about me after my first year of teaching! :)

  3. Awww such a sweet post! Miss S sounds like a GREAT teacher and I know you will be too!

  4. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

  5. Awesome post! I just finished my first week of my second year of teaching. Teaching is the best job in the world and I cannot think of anything I'd rather do. You will absolutely LOVE it.

  6. I love all the photographs! What a great post!!
    I am so happy that I found your blog, it's put a smile on my face this morning.
    Look forward to reading more and getting to know you better!!

    ((I just moved to GA, so it's nice to read a blog from my new State! (= ))

  7. That is awesome! It is so great to have a teacher that actually care about her students and learning. Its nice to know that some are there for more then just a paycheck! Good luck to you in becoming a great teacher!

  8. Awwww, I love this post :) !! You were such a cute little kid ;) !!

  9. Yay1 you'll be a great teacher! Love the pictures too!