Monday, August 29, 2011

My Weekend~

~Just wanted to start by apologizing if you follow Jessica you have pretty much already seen most of this~ :-)

On Friday we had leader training at church, led by our student ministry pastor Charles Ficken.. he taught us some very valuable information that we can use with our kids. Jessica and I have been REALLY enjoying leading our 6th grade small group {we're even having our first "get together" this wknd, POOL PARTY!!}
After the training we stayed around to hang out~a dodge ball game got started but I sat out with our friend Ed who just had ACL surgery~I'm not very competitive like miss jessica who ran all over those boys ;-)
On Saturday I ran a 5k with my dad~check out the post below this for the pics ! My dad is an avid runner and runs 5 or 10k's every wknd so he was SO excited that I ran this one with him. I love spending time with my dad so this is just another thing we can do together!

Sundays are becoming my busiest day of the week (so much for having a "rest" day)
I start my day around 8am, get ready & head to the church for the middle school service at 10:30, this is when Jess & I lead our small group. Then I go straight to "the twelve" & then usually go eat lunch with Adam and friends, then go home for about an hr before I head back to church to do host team for the high school service, go home for about another hr, then straight to my small group. It's busy but soooo rewarding. I love every crazy second of it.

This past Sunday at small group we had a surprise party for Mr. Mark~
Mrs. Pam is my small group leader & Mr. Mark is a small group leader for guys. These two people are some of the most amazing people I've ever met. They open their house to 12 crazy college students EVERY Sunday, feed us dinner & share their hearts with us. It is SO nice to be "doing life" with other people who understand me and are on the same wave length, I am SO thankful for Athens Church. ~We are a satellite campus of North Point (Andy Stanley's church) so if you're familiar with anything that goes on there we do it the same way..~

some of the small group girls..
the boys
Mr. Mark & Mrs. Pam!!!
All the girlies (minus one!) :-)
Getting a ride from Westley back down to our cars ;-)
I strongly encourage anyone who goes to church to try and find a small group to get into. It is seriously one of the best decisions I've made in college and I am SO thankful for all of these amazing people.

~And on another note (this wasn't part of my weekend..) I started my part-time student teaching today! I am in the elementary school 2 1/2 days a week. This semester we are all in Title 1 schools~the school I am in is 90% free and reduced lunch. My Kindergarten classroom has 11 African Americans, 4 Hispanics, and 3 Asian Americans. I am SO excited to be working with these kids~they were all so sweet today & I can't wait to go back again on Wednesday :-)

**Hope y'all had a great weekend too!!**


  1. Love your pictures from small group!! I'm so excited for mine to start up soon :) And good luck with your student teaching!

  2. Awesome post Jame :) I love spending time and being insanely busy with yooouuu & not to mention laughing hysterically ha ha ha ! I love you so much!!

  3. reading this makes me want to join a small group!

  4. your involvement with your small group is really an inspiration! my family is getting ready to move to gulfport, and we along with some other couples are getting ready to start a young life group down there!