Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm linking up with Jamie today for WILW :-)

~I am LOVING that I went home last night & we had family game night. We played this game called "Hedbanz"
It's a silly game for kids but we loved it--it was so much fun.. & some of the pictures were a lot harder than you would think.. you try trying to figure out you have a PENCIL on your head !!
me & my brother

~I am LOVING that starting this Sunday we are now going to have a worship service specifically designed for college age & singles. Being that our church is in Athens we have a large number of college students ((which is such an amazing thing to see every weekend, especially since UGA was voted the #1 party school last yr--I promise we're not all like that !)) the services were just becoming extremely crowded & with school starting up and students coming back into town the church thought it would be a great idea to devote an entire service just to us ! I can't wait to see how many people are there this wk !!

~I am LOVING that Jessica and I had our first Sunday leading our 6th grade girls. I was so surprised at how easily they opened up & they were so excited to have us as leaders. We pretty much shadowed our co-leader Alex, but this Sunday she won't be there so we'll be doing everything on our own, I can't wait! We're doing a series with them right now called "entourage", it basically just examines what it means to choose between 'wise' & 'foolish' friends and how to still be friends with people who are doing 'foolish' things~it's funny that the things we are teaching our middle and high schoolers is also stuff that helps me..

~I am LOVING that this little girl is as excited about football season as I am ;-)

~And of course, I am LOVING this sweet boy. We aren't getting to see each other as much as I would like because it's football season and his life is dedicated to UGA football right now ((lots & lots to do before the season officially starts!!)) But he is always texting me & really going out of his way to let me know he appreciates my support :-)

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday :-)


  1. bahaha i love a good game!
    i'll have to check this one out!

  2. Headbanz looks like much fun! Loving your sweet niece in her UGA outfit! So cute. xoxo

  3. That's such a sweet picture of you and Adam! Your email back to me yesterday made me smile. I had just talked to MY boyfriend on Monday about us meeting up! :) I can't wait! And I love that you and Jessica are leading a group. I will be praying for the both of you! I know the Lord has big plans there!

  4. oh my that game looks like so much fun,Im gonna have to look for it:) ya'll look like ya'll had a lot of fun:)

  5. How awesome that your church is providing a service for the college!! :)

  6. Thanks for playing along!

    I love having game nights!