Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm linking up with Jamie today for WILW ! :-)

1) I am LOVING that this weekend is UGA's first home game! Can't wait to spend the day tailgating with my family & friends!

2) I am LOVING that tomorrow Nicole, Jessica & myself have a three-way phone date to make our plans for the Ole Miss/UGA game weekend in Oxford!! Nicole is so sweet to let us stay with her for the weekend~it will be our first time meeting her and we are beyond excited!

3) I am LOVING that it feels like FALL this week in Georgia. I know it won't last & will be back to 90*+ next week, but for now it's wonderful!

4) I am LOVING these random pins I've found this week on Pinterest...

This is my favorite verse right now! Sometimes I get really down on myself when it comes to my looks & I'm always comparing myself to others~I have this written on my mirror & it's just a reminder that God loves me & loves the way I look, and to Him I am perfect.

I just thought this was really cool~I'm obsessed with makeup & would die to have this storage system.

I thought this was so cute~great way to use paint chips! Will definitely be doing this in my classroom.

I just thought this was really sweet. I always think about my future kids & I get so excited thinking about their personalities, what they'll look like, what things they'll like.. and seriously if they are anything like Adam I will be so happy :-)
I love this outfit~PERFECT for fall !


  1. I love all of those things! Especially the bible verse, quote, and fall outfit!

  2. Thanks for playing along girl!

    Love that paint chip cute!

  3. YAYAYAYAAY!!!! Bring on the phone date! :)

  4. It feels like fall here too, but I know it will go back to being hot again! Oh well. That last outfit is so perfect. I'm addicted to stripes right now!

  5. I love those pins!!! I can't wait for Saturday either.. and the weather is supposed to be absolutely PERFECT! ;)