Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday !!

Happy Birthday to my BFF Jessica !!!

When y'all are reading this we will be in Florida soaking up some rays on the beach & enjoying a weekend full of Georgia football and celebrating the birth of jessie bear!!! :-)

Jessie.. I hope you have the greatest 22nd birthday ever!! thank you for always being there for me. thank you for always being honest with me. thank you for being authentic and real with me. thank you for loving Jesus. thank you for celebrating with me. thank you for crying with me. thank you for being my biggest fan. thank you for being YOU. thank you for leading our 6th grade girls so well, they love you so much. there's no one in this world who gets me like you do & i am so incredibly blessed by our friendship.

Head over to Jessica's blog & wish her a happy birthday!! :-)

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  1. I am so thankful for the friendship you guys have and what y'alls friendship means to ME! Both of you are genuine people who encourage me. That means the world. Love you Jess, I hope you and Jamie have the best time celebrating!!!