Monday, November 7, 2011

iPhone Picture Dump

Just some random pictures off my phone from the last week or so..

last week I went to atlanta to see my mom at work.

 she has a showroom at the mart so we were able to get some christmas shopping done for CG while we were there.
We picked out this cute doll and got her all the little accessories to go with it..stroller, bunk bed, car seat, clothes, etc. 

we also picked CG up this cute outfit for my Grandma's surprise 75th bday party next week ((excuse CG's dirtiness, it was the end of the day!))

We also got her a smocked dress for Thanksgiving.
My mom got her two outfits for Christmas as well but I didn't get pictures of her in them, they are adorable though!

this past friday night jessica and i took two of our small group girls to the purity & worship tour with rebecca st. james. it was a great concert that had great material for our age girls!
the concert was an hr and a half away so we had a lot of time for great convo!

 allye and makenzie at the concert

 our sleepy babies on the way home!! love them!!!!

 on saturday UGA had their homecoming game and CG got to go to her first game! 
She has gone tailgating a lot but never actually gone into the game..
she was pumped !!

CG is really into wearing everyone's sunglasses she'll put them on & say "pitchur" ha!!
she looks so serious in this pic with her mickdad's sunglasses on at the game ;) 

 after the georgia game adam and i headed to a friend's house to watch the alabama/lsu game and the arkansas/s.carolina game.
they kept showing this couple during the end of the alabama game and i could not stop laughing..idk why it was just really funny to me. mainly bc this is probably how and adam i would have looked like if it was georgia loosing (minus the crazy fried blond hair...yikes!)

this is part of the hallway i helped make at the elementary school im student teaching at :)
love it!

i skipped school today to get homework was literally the only choice i had.
i have 15 projects due between now and dec 2nd.
thankfully i got two huge ones knocked out and made good progress on the others :)
lexie lou kept me company today while i sat on my computer typing away for hours.. 


  1. I really hope I get to meet CG. :) And that hallway looks SO cute! You did a great job!

  2. I totally need to do an iPhone picture dump. Love the idea!!! I love all of the adorable outfits. She is so pretty!

  3. Love love love iPhone picture dump fun! CG is the cutest thing in the world...I know she is such a joy to have around. And I LOVE me some Rebecca St. James...such a gorgeous voice. Glad you had a good weekend, sweet girl! Hope your week is going well!

  4. Love the fall hallway...too cute!

  5. I love all the pictures :) !! & I cannot get over those cute outfits, ah adorable!

  6. What good company you had!! :)

    I'm hosting a gift exchange for our pets, and I wanted to know if you'd be interested in playing! :)