Monday, November 21, 2011

Bloggy BFF Weekend!

This past weekend is a weekend I had been waiting for since Jessica and I went to Oxford to meet Nicole in September for the first time!

Nicole has come to be one of my best friends and one of the greatest people I have ever known. Still blows my mind how crazy this whole blog world is. Just goes to show how perfectly orchestrated this world is and how simple little things like starting a blog can turn into a life changing friendship. SO blessed.

Nicole and Tyler came to Athens for the weekend and it was the best weekend ever!

I had missed Nicole SO much!

Friday night we took them downtown to the best restaurant in Athens, Last Resort! It was a two hour wait (which isn't half as bad as it normally is on a Friday before a home game!) so we went down the street and hung out at a bar until our table was ready.

Leslie (Another bloggy friend!) and Jessica's roommate, Sam also came!

We had Jessie bring us some snacks ;-)

Finally, we had dinner and it was well worth the wait!!
The bloggy boyfriends were also there :)

Saturday we got up bright and early to meet up with my family to tailgate and go to the Georgia game.
It was Nicole and Tyler's first game!

We clenched the SEC East title so all is well in my world!

Sweet tiny was SO sleepy, she slept in my arms for a while!

Our friend Jen was in town from St. Pete!!
We have missed her lots since she moved

Saturday night after the game we took it easy and lounged around in our sweat pants! Jen made white chicken chili and rice and we just enjoyed being in each other's company :) I seriously have the greatest friends ever.

Nicole, Tyler, Adam, and I took a trip to Menchies for some desert ;-)

Sunday we got up early again and headed to church!l I am so glad Nicole and Tyler got to experience our church, it is one of a kind for sure.

After church we headed to Jessica's hometown, Hartwell, to see her Aunt and Uncle and cousins who just got home from China with their sweet baby boy Will!! I feel so blessed that they allowed us to come share the day with them. They are amazing people! It was also great to see Savannah!!!
Savannah's sister took some pictures of us for our Fearless blog.. can't wait for y'all to see them!

We headed back to Athens just in time to meet up with our small group for Thanksgiving dinner at Outback. Our awesome leaders treated us to a wonderful dinner. I love all these people so much.

This morning I had to give a presentation in my 8:00 class but you better believe as soon as that class was over I was out of there. I skipped my second class so that I was able to see Nicole and Tyler one last time before they left :( I met up with them at a local boutique so Nicole could get a Georgia ornament :-)

And then they were off.... 

BUT we already have our next trip planned to see each other--Nashville in January for my birthday!!! Love having something to look forward to :-)

On another note.. I moved back home-home for Thanksgiving/Christmas break. I have off this week for Thanksgiving then I have a week and a half of classes before I am off for Christmas break so I decided to just make one move and be done with it! I will be here until January and I couldn't be happier. It's just comforting to know my parents are right downstairs if I need something :-p

I hope everyone's weekend was just as great as mine was!!



  1. Looks like y'all had soo much fun! So glad you got to enjoy hanging out again!

  2. Smiled through the whole post. How did we get so blessed??? Goodness, the Lord loves us. And I love you!!!

  3. I agree Nicole :) !!! It was quite an awesome weekend !