Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm linking up with Jamie today for WILW

1) I am LOVING this song we sang in church on Sunday. Our church always has awesome music, so thankful for that.

2) I am LOVING that Nicole and Tyler will be here in just 9 days! I can hardly believe that they are actually coming. I'm so excited! Jess and I have so many great plans for the weekend. Including a trip to see Savannah and meet her new brother Will and the rest of her family :-)

3) I am LOVING that the holidays are approaching! This is my favorite time of the year. Looking forward to partaking in some of our yearly traditions including Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier !!

4) I am LOVING that we are throwing my grandma a surprise party this weekend for her 75th birthday. She's going to be so excited !!

5) I am LOVING that the end of the semester is in sight! I have SO many projects between now and Dec. 9th but after that I will have a month of freedom!

~Hope everyone is having a great week so far..only two more days until the weekend!~



  1. Single digit countdown! WOO!!!!

  2. Thanks for playing along!

    Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year too :)